Saturday, June 14, 2008

57 Wonderful Years

This is a happy belated post in honor of my husband's recent 57th birthday. There are so many reasons to love this man, and I'm honored to be a part of his life. Here are just a few of the things that make him special:

1. He is kind.
2. He is strong and has a backbone.
3. He loves me like crazy!
4. I love him like crazy!
5. He is a man who loves God with all his heart.
6. He challenges me to be my best.
7. He cares about our safety.
8. He values inner qualities of goodness, integrity, honesty.
9. He does not lie.
10. He loves to hold my hand.
11. We are happier together than apart.
12. He always sits on the same side of restaurant booths and tables next to me.
13. He doesn't despair or have frequent lows.
14. He prays a lot for any sort of concern, whether small or large.
15. He cares for people.
16. He is protective of his family.
17. He is not helpless and has taught himself to do so many things.
18. When faced with a wall, he climbs the wall.
19. He laughs at my cornball jokes.
20. He looks at me and I see him smiling.
21. He is a visionary.
22. He has the ability to take practical steps towards our goals.
23. He is not obsessed with watching sports or TV.
24. He loves to be working hard outside and sweating.
25. He adores children...and they adore him.
26. He is kind to animals.
27. He treats my daughter as his own.
28. He will sacrifice to help someone better themselves.
29. He is an excellent confidante.
30. He is ready to laugh and has a cheerful disposition.
31. His eyes are fabulous!
32. He has smile lines that make his whole face smile.
33. He will watch "girl movies" with me...and then balance them out with a whole lot of war movies and westerns.
34. He has an inventor's mind.
35. He is practical.
36. He still knows how to dream.
37. He is faithful and content.
38. He is an innovator.
39. He is an enthusiastic and patient student of the Bible.
40. He is good and consistent at keeping us financially on track.
41. He is a good provider.
42. He will call me on the phone just to tell me he loves me and see if I'm ok.
43. He doesn't care one whit for fashion.
44. He prefers to wear a beard.
45. His hands are strong from working, and I love the way they feel rugged.
46. He can be a fierce defender.
47. He forgives.
48. He loves growing things.
49. He loves building things.
50. He calls his mother.
51. He loves the country and simplicity.
52. He is happy being himself and doesn't feel a need to impress others.
53. He delights in God and following His laws.
54. He is not self-righteous or better-than-thou.
55. Home is the place he loves being the most.
56. He learns from the past and is not embittered by disappointment.
57. He is quick to discern people's character and does not show favoritism, and is not a bigot.

I could go on and on. But I'll just sum it up by saying that it's my greatest honor in life to be his partner, wife, and love...and I thank God for him every day.

Jack, I pray for you a long life, health, and joy in every day. I pray for you all the blessings of the Torah, and for you to be given all the desires of your heart...

I've already received the desire of mine in you.


TOCCO said...

OMg....What a lovely tribute! HB Jack! You have a sweet wife!

Brenda Kula said...

You're an extremely lucky woman. And it sounds like your daughter is also!

Wendy said...

What a wonderful tribute!

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like your husband has some trully wonderful qualities!

Jess said...

Thanks for this, Robbyn. It is a good reminder. You will probably be seeing me copy you soon on my blog! My husband needs to know how much I love him.

Country Girl said...

That was a very sweet tribute to your husband. I like the list you made, great idea!