Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Could Be Your Cup of Milk

...if you live in North Carolina or Georgia.

It's a raw deal.

Meaning it's meant to target raw milk consumers in these states, and others to come. It's not just a health debate, but a fundamental and ideological one.

That's right folks -- lest the front page (or nearly any page, for that matter) of your local news doesn't give you enough get steamed up about, you're about to see a good many squirt-squirts of black dye in your raw milk in days to come.
Supposedly it's a "protective measure" for the consumer...(which reads to me rather like the propaganda doublespeak of world dictators when referring to bullying their neighbors, as having "liberating" them) I believe it is moreso about the infringement of our right to decide for ourselves what we will eat, our involvement in where it came from, and how the farms we farm or buy from are restricted from having basic freedoms to raise their animals organically and sustainably, using traditional farming methods rather than mass-produced industrial ones.

For a more thorough read, here is a sampling of some great posts you can use as a springboard for your own research, decision-making, and hopefully action.

1. Laurie at slowly she turned

2. Pattie at Food Shed Planet

There are varying opinions about the benefits of raw milk, and it's the subject of hot debate. But despite your conclusion or personal preference, it's our constitutional right to decide what goes on our own plates without any government agency or ruling being the heavy. Some would say it's our HUMAN right, despite any geographic locale at all.

Shall cut this post short, before Opinionated Robbyn begins a soapbox...
heh heh ;-)

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