Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Path Narrows

I needed this good news!

We reviewed The Big Overall Plan, and we're making headway. Can we say a HUGE Yay!!!!!!

First, God gets the credit for helping us through this all. This was quite a challenging, and yet very fulfilling year. I'm convinced the prep work is as vital as all the more "fun" stages.

Without being specific, we received a most unexpected...what's the word?? ...BLESSING...from the Almighty. A HUGE HUGE blessing. I'm sorry not to elaborate. No, we've not won the lottery, but some things have transpired to put my husband's mind at ease about some things he was working very hard at for a long time, and he was awarded retroactive compensatory benefits.

Y'know when you can't get the ketchup out of the bottle, and you smack it and smack it with the palm of your hands trying to get that first push of sauce out of the bottle, and finally the first blob makes it out? (yes, I know...I'm waxing poetic...ha!) Each step we've been taking, be it our jobs, long commutes, training in fields new to us, trying to keep things together for our daughter's education, land research, experimenting on a small (very small) scale with this or that towards the goal of our eventual mini-farm...each step has been like one of those smacks on the bottom of the ketchup bottle. Yet a recent "smack" moved the whole thing along!

I'll be more specific if and when I can. All I can say is that it was unexpected and delightfully encouraging! It has given my husband a great boost of confidence and momentum, and we're both humbled and entirely grateful to God. So the greatest thanks of all to the One who watches over us. Thank You, God, for your encouragement in this season, and for honoring the efforts of my faithful husband. I just can't say thank you enough!!!!!

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