Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog Rolllllllll

The length of this blogroll is proportionate to the weeks and months I've procrastinated updating this blog. My many apologies! Each of these blogs is a reflection of its unique owner and his/her lifestyle, opinions, undertakings, and valuable perspective. I've enjoyed countless hours relaxing, discovering, and being encouraged reading their posts. I've traveled far and near through their writings, and haved gained useful knowledge, and have found wings for some of my dreams.

I add these blogs to my existing list of wonderful links, all of which link to wonderful people, many of whom have become friends through regular writing familiarity. It's interesting...their laughter prompts mine, their difficulties become my concerns, their triumphs have my cheers...and it's so nice finding so many great folks walking similar paths or sharing similar pursuits...just when I thought maybe I was the "odd man (er, woman) out."

Here is the list, and though I've tried to include them all, I'm sure I've left someone out. If you would like to be listed, please comment and I'll include yours, as well. My only exclusions, by personal preference, are any blogs that drop the F-bomb or are high profanity, blogs primarily stumping for product sales, those with overt and rigid political or religious agendas, nudity, hate groups, and the occult.

Here is a list of some I love, to be added to those I already have been loving, noted on the sidebar. You are likely enjoying many of these blogs already. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

(In no particular order...)

The Blog Roll!

1. Irish Dexter Cattle, Cheap Sheep & More Creatures (hi, Tina!) What amazing things you do with one acre! Check out all the animals that call this farmette home. What a talented gal!

2. Crunchy Chicken Mother of 2 reducing her impact on the environment and introducing the blog world to challenges such as the most recent Freeze Your Buns one. And the personal challenge of helping her soulmate through a difficult health crisis.

3. Apifera Farms Katherine Dunn's farm of lavender, donkeys, sheep, cats, horse, and her original art creations that should not be missed.

4. April Showers with laughter. She's genuine, fun, cracked, and you'll wish she was your next door neighbor. Only that'll be difficult, since she just relocated! A seriously great blog :)

5. The Country Doctor's Wife is Rechelle, April's (above) sister...and you'll wish she were yours, too. Beautiful heart, outrageous laughter. Her house is where every boy wishes you'd send him for the weekend!

6. Children in the Corn Angie and hubby and two lovely children farming their 2 acres in Michigan (brrr!) You don't want to miss her forays to the local markets, the knitting, gardening, and homeschooling fun :)

7. The Soay Sheep Chronicles You may just fall in love with this breed of sheep. Priscilla writes from Saltmarsh ranch in southern Oregon and details her adventures raising her flock of 100 of this rare breed.

8. Simple Katie hails from Montana. This is the friend you'd love to spend hours with in the kitchen, canning, pickling, and visiting. An inspiration for all organic gardeners.

9. Rurality Another woman you'll want for your neighbor. Check our her lazy game cam, her eye for nature's details (great photographer) and her family's adventures in Alabama.

10. Tiny Farm There is so much valuable information at this blog, you'll be back and back for more. Think 2 acres is small? See what can be grown organically on a "tiny farm"'ll be fascinated and encouraged!

11. Irish Sally Garden See this couple progress in their adventures in rural Ireland. Scroll back in the archives to see their polytunnel adventure and their successes with livestock and fresh produce. They host workshops for fellow-learners, and you'll love to follow their ongoing projects.

12. Losing Our Shirts, Keeping the Farm Nancy from Ingleside Farm in Virginia and her lovely Icelandic sheep and beautiful horses. Did I mention the lovely Icelandic sheep and beautiful horses? (happy sigh)

13. Cricket Bread A locavore finds ways to prepare almost anything, gleaning and harvesting what most others pass by. Fascinating reading.

14. Spered Breizh Ouessants I can't pronounce it, but I love this blog and these sheep. Another rare breed, this Ouessants (also known in the U.S. as the "Ushant" sheep) blog hails from Brittany, France. Check it out and fall in love with yet ANOTHER wonderful primitive sheep breed :)

15. Little Blog in the Big Woods Meet Greenpa, 58 year old Pennsylvania resident who's been living off grid and "green" for at least 30 years. An original No Impact Man, with a track record, and decidedly fascinating perspective and opinions.

16. Free Range Living is Cheryl in Canada...homeschooling and homecooking mom whose family is in the process of building on acreage just outside the city. Another woman you'd wish were your sister or neighbor. Packed so full of every sort of endeavor, you just won't want to miss this blog.

17. Edge Effect I first discovered this website from another site's mention of a posting there about some eerie antique portraits found in a junk shop. I read, and could not stop laughing! Then I noticed the author, Meresy, also had posts about chickens, and that was "all she wrote." I'm still hooked :)

18. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman This blog is like nicotine to a smoker. Do not, DO NOT read it, or you may be hooked. Her husband is even named The Marlboro Man. You've been warned.

19. Permaculture in Brittany is the blog and vacation destination you may never want to leave. Stuart and Gabrielle are working hard on their 3 acre holding in Brittany, France, which they are developing using sustainable permaculture principles. Visit them, on the internet or for a cottage holiday!

20. Scarecrow's Garden The Aussies with the Can-Do attitude, read this blog for inspiration using what you have to grow, grow, grow. This site has so much to learn from!

21. The Beginning Farmer and The Beginning Farmer's Wife are just what the title says...beginning farmers. What I find so fascinating is the two different and complementary perspectives on these concurrent blogs, male and female, husband and wife.

22. Bellebouche is another fine French site, a true and ongoing tale about renovating an 1850's French farmhouse. Bees, gardening, and so much more, you just won't want to stop reading, and dreaming :)

23. Farmlet in NZ is Kevin and Rebecca's self-sufficient, low impact 5 acre farm in northern New Zealand. They dreamed, and then they did. Read what they are doing.

I've probably left some beloved blogs off this blogroll inadvertently. Please alert me if so!

I hope you enjoy these blogs every bit as much as I do, and their writers even moreso!

(And with THAT, I have now crossed one of my post-crastinations OFF the list and can live feeling a lot less!)


Laurie said...

Thanks! I'm taking a sick day today so it will be nice to check out some new blogs. Although I keep swearing not to add any new blogs to my roll, and this will probably tempt me...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for including me in the roll!! :) There are a few I'm familiar with, but many that are new to lots of reading to do!! :)

Trace said...

Thank you for including my blog Cricket Bread in your blogroll!

tina f. said...

Thanks for including me (first on the list, no less!). I am honored. Now I have to start checking out the other blogs. I am familiar with The Pioneer Woman and you are right. I am compelled to read her blog every day, it's way too addictive!

Katie said...

Thank you for the kind words! Now, I'm off to check out the other blogs...

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

My only exclusions, by personal preference, are any blogs that drop the F-bomb or are high profanity, blogs primarily stumping for product sales, those with overt and rigid political or religious agendas, nudity, hate groups, and the occult.

That part of your comment made me laugh---don't know why but it did---AND I completely agree with you!

Cheryl said...

What a list to be a part of - thank you!

Scarecrow said...

Thanks for including my blog on your list. I'll have to check out all those links too!

And I know how you feel with your new camera...I bought a new one earlier in the year. Now the cat and dog hide when I go outside with it!!

Robbyn said...

Laurie: ha! Good luck with resolutions to not add any new blog links... I've not been able to resist no matter how hard I try:) Hope you had a relaxing day and fun reads!

Angie: You're welcome! I'm just sorry it took me so long :)

Trace: You're welcome! Your site makes me want to get a field guide of plants and see what around me is edible :)

Tina: You're welcome :) So many of these blogs are downright addictive, aren't they? (I don't try to fight my addiction very hard, ha)

Katie: You're welcome :) Your site is great :)

Monica: Lol...yeah, well I didn't include my FULL list of blog loathings, that's just the Cliff's Notes, heh heh

Cheryl: You're welcome! Love your blog :)

Scarecrow: Howdy, and you're welcome! Guess we're getting opposite seasons here than you guys, but my Zone 9 corresponds with some of your locale temps and types of plants that can be grown...your blog is great!

bellebouche said...

Merci Beaucoup!

What an honour to get a listing in with some esteemed company - I'm also a fan of many of the sites you've listed. It's heartwarming to see so many people with very similar sentiments to ourselves.

A bientot!