Thursday, October 25, 2007

Exploring Again: Property Hunt Road Trip Part I

The Hills Are Alive...with possibility!

We had another day together to drive and look at property. This one was a sight for sore eyes... I'm in love with this parcel, or what we know of it so far.

Whether the price'll be right will be the final determining it has been with the other ones that haven't panned out. I hold my breath, and sort of brace for disappointment, just in case...just my conditioning, though...I'm an optimist, but like to survive possible letdown -- (Me, I gots issues! lol) No complaints, though! When we finally ARE able to have and hold our own square of dirt, we'll appreciate it all the more.

This particular parcel happens to be a few lovely land-locked acres, Land-Locked meaning that the access road (I use that term loosely) cuts across several other properties. Here's a pic of the two tire tracks that are the "road"....some people's nightmare, but for me a dream come true! The best we could do today was to travel to the area and see what the surrounding topography looked like up close and personal, even though we didn't trespass and tromp unannounced through neighboring acreage. Oh for a pair of boots, a ponytail holder, and good long hike around the place!

The area is several hours farther north than where we now live, and farther north than the areas we've looked prior to now. The further northward we traveled, the more we were(or I should say I was) delighted to find a different mix of tree types and land features, namely hills and lakes...beautiful! J commented how much he loved it, was just so different than the terrain where we live, which has its own different sort of beauty. Today we saw hardwoods mixed in with the familiar palmettos, but also field grasses and plants that don't grow further south. I must say I CRAVE seeing hills, water, and hardwoods! Pair all that with the nicely cooler temps we got thanks to the rains, and it was NEARLY as nice as Tennessee (grinning!)

Here are some views from the surrounding acreage...from the arial photos, the available parcel is much the same. Look at all that lush pasture! The trees are a mixture of evergreen and hardwoods.

Let's see what happens...there are a lot of other properties out there, too, or in surrounding counties. If this one works out, I'm READY for us to "stake our claim." If it doesn't, this one might merit a more lengthy pout, but I'll know there's another somewhere that's just right :)

That's the LAND part of the day.

The Togetherness part of the day had its moments, as some road trips will do. Next post has the gritty details...heh heh

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