Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Couple Days Off!

Three days off together!!  Not going to be here more than a few minutes, but here's what's afoot...

1.  Be together!!
2.  We had a GREAT day yesterday.  Nothing went as planned.  And it was great!  We bought a terrific old brush cutting mower yesterday.  That will be its own post.  Yes, we are so excited about our new old brush cutter!
3.  Via the brush cutter purchase we met Dan.  THAT is another upcoming post, because Dan is amazing, and he builds amazing garden beds based on his experiments and experiences farming and with grow pots.  Post and pictures to come!
4.  We got rained out of going to the farm.  And that's ok!   We are NOT going to complain about the rain.  Neither of our vehicles can get down the flooded road during this weather.  Which, of course, means that when we relocate there, we MAY need something reliable to get from our property about a mile down the road and back to the mailbox.  Like, maybe a little HORSE?? (I've been trying to find justification why owning a horse might EVER be a  practical option, and until now have been unable to find one...but, y'know??) :-D
5. Did I mention Jack and I have time TOGETHER?  This has not happened much recently.  So I'm getting off this computer now to enjoy it some more...

The picture is of his harvesting us a mess of non-stinging chaya leaves (we have both kinds, both are excellent to eat).  We'll explore more ways to prepare the chaya in foods.  So off to the kitchen we go!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy it, rain or no rain! :-D


Sandy said...

Go get off the computer and enjoy your time with your honey. I'm looking forward to 4 days next week alone with husband, no phones, and off to NM.


Oh yes, I can think of an excuse all the time to get a horse. I love them!!!

small farm girl said...

Yay!!!! I'm glad you guys get time together! Can't wait for your up coming post. They sound like they could be interesting.... lol

Robbyn said...

Sandy, wow, I hope those days are
Sherri, I think I'll end up at the library on my days off or there might be a case of computer-cide afoot. Technology does not like me, lol!