Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Old Addition

For some reason my laptop is rebelling and won't allow me to type in the Compose format at all, so I'm typing in the htp page. I'm so over my laptop's finicky personality!! I wish I were smarter in knowing how to clean it up and get it going so that every step did not involve a minutes-long delay frozen in time and space. But I digress! Here is a pic of the old brushcutter we found on craigslist this week on a day when we both had off work and Jack was fighting the good fight in our jungle of a rain-watered lawn gone mad. We need a way to cut a lot thicker brush than just lawn grass, especially out on the farm. We feel blessed to have found this older one made with a German engine and a reputation as a workhorse, if the online reviews and the good word of the seller are any indication. The newer ones were out of our price range by a thousand dollars or more, but with a little TLC we think this one will have many good years left in it, and may outperform some of the newer ones if we're fortunate. Arggghhh. Well, so much for adding another picture! In addition to the defunct laptop, our phone line must be damaged because our DSL reception and phone reception is lousy and therefore the router thingy goes in and out of being connected properly. Ya gotta laugh. And I probably have to go to the library if I want to post anything in a timely fashion anymore :-) (gritting my teeth and smiling) Anyway, we had a GREAT few days off together, a very rare occurence, and the next post (with pics, I better do library for sure) will be about Dan, the seller of the brush cutter who has an amazing garden space including 32 foot long grow beds made similarly to grow boxes...and it's automatic to boot! I hope your gardens grow well and your computers are better than mine is right now :-D We continue to have enough rain that getting down the farm road has been impossible. To every season, turn turn turn... Be well!! :-D

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Practical Parsimony said...

Update all your programs, clean out history, don't open lots of windows/programs at the same time. That always helps mine.