Friday, July 19, 2013

Tent Houses

I found this really interesting, even though in our climate's extremes we couldn't duplicate it exactly.
But I love when people live by making the choices best for them and it includes thinking outside the box ...or  tent  :-D

Here's the video...enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend, and for the sabbath keepers, shabbat shalom!


Sandy said...

Totally awesome video! I love their tent(s). The setup is so relaxing. It reminds me of yurt, easy to setup, take down, and you can put them any where. Live through the heat, snow, and rain.

Serene said...

Oh, how lovely. They are living "on vacation."

Carol said...

What a great way to live....too much rain and heat here in FL but I cannot immagine giving the tents up to build a house..