Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Most of My Unwritten Posts Here Would Say

...on most days, with time at the computer snatched from the remaining hours necessary to wash clothes, eat, sleep, and repeat.

They would read "Tired."

"Tired tired tired tired tired tired tired TIRED."

And then perhaps "Thank you, God, for really hot showers, a fully-operational washer and dryer, a husband who knows how to roll with the ever-changing schedule demands (both of ours) and order-to-chaos cycle the housekeeping around here perpetually is in all the while."

And then "Whew!!!" as I slip into the bed at last, thinking "I hope I have the energy to get up and do this all again tomorrow."

And THAT is why there are  not more posts here regularly on the blog!

But it's also why we can pay our bills and hopefully keep making forward progress on our Getting ON the Land Goals...

Got a 12 shift tomorrow...just enough time here to read emails and jot these scintillating thoughts down (haha!) before, you guessed it, going off to sleep.

And to think of all the years of childhood when I loathed naps and an early bedtime.  Ah, life's little ironies ;-)

What do your unwritten posts usually boil down to (not) saying?


Catherine said...

"More time, more time, more time..."

Yup, that about covers it. I never have enough time.

Hope 2013 is starting out great for you!! And that you get some sleep...

Michelle said...

My unwritten posts would say, "Same ol', same ol'." Or "Life stresses that no one else wants or needs to read."

small farm girl said...

Just keep thinking of your goal. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

In January, in Canada?? My unwritten posts say, "I got to stay in today while the storm raged. I got to watch a terrible storm through my window, knowing I did not need to go out. I got to make soup, and read, and knit, and truly appreciate the real reason my house exists. It does not exist to be better than the Jones's, it exists to protect me....and look at it doing its' job!!"

Umm...sorry.... that may just be a Canadian thing, lol.

Love Jenn / formerly Irma

empressofq said...

Hi. I found you by looking for info on dehydrating okra and couldn't quit reading your blog! You have a such a gift in writing. I never got bored and read a LOT! Of course okra was back in 2010 or something like that, so I read forward and see you haven't posted since Jan 27th, 2013. It's Mar 16, 2013 and I just hope everything is ok and you are still working towards yours and Jacks dream. I will drop in again. Just wanted to tell you, you gave this 52 yr. old bored woman something good to read for a change. God bless you and yours and I pray you reach your goals! Cindy

Robbyn said...

Cindy, thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I'm still here, just waiting for a good catch-up day to relax and post something!! Thank you for staying to read some past posts and welcome!