Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching the Bug

The end of another week, whew!
I miss my husband terribly with this new work schedule.  When we're together, I just want to sit close to him or just steal looks at him.  I'm homesick for him.

I hope we can accomplish what we need to in order to get off this spinning wheel faster.  If it will "buy" more permanent time together faster, which is the goal and hope and possibility, I hope it's worth it.

Jack said he's caught the same bug I've gotten, and for a second I thought he meant he might have the flu...eek...but I haven't had that recently.  He was instead referring to my "I want to be on The Land tomorrow, even if it means bucket showers and shotgunning rattlesnakes" determination.  As he's gathering information and cost estimates for projects now on the nearer horizon, maybe it's becoming more real?  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, or so says the perhaps hope renewed makes the heart delightfully refreshed :-D

That's our hope for so many others as well, for you... of renewal and refreshing, and good things in God's right time.  May your rest after a hard day's work be sweet.  Tomorrow night begins Shabbat, our time of week when we get a day to rest and be together and savor the moment with gratitude.  I'm so very, very grateful for every element of these days that can be wearying.  It's not work without purpose or reward, and those both go far beyond the scope of my actual duties or employer. 
I've got "the bug" alright.  The hope bug.  And it's what helps get me through the day, sometimes even singing and with a reappearing smile!  I hope it's contagious and spreads with epidemic speed.  And is maybe incurable :-)

Shabbat shalom from our household to yours!


small farm girl said...

I know the feeling!!!! I want to get our house done! Living in our basement is better than living whlere we were, but I want to live in all our house! Lol.
You guys will be on your land in no time! Especially now since you got the bug. Lol

Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...

"perhaps hope renewed makes the heart delightfully refreshed"

Yes! And may that hope be met!

Sandy said...

The bug you and your husband have together is a good type of bug. I think it even rubs off on to your readers :-)

Blessing to You and Yours!

Delicate Flower said...

We're living on hope here as well. Best wishes to you! I hope you get on the land soon!