Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthin' This Baby

Peace River skies

When it came to the conception of the Grand Plan of self-sufficiency and a rough sketch of a big ol' dream towards living on an acreage wherein we are able to pull off some nutty things otherwise scorned in a more citified setting...

we thought it would take, Oh, A Year Or Two.  Maybe.

And so, of course, the winds blow this way and that, we proceed to live life and life has its little jokes and all the while we experiment Right Here Right Now and...

when the Getting Of The Land happened, oh, about six or more years had passed.

That's a LONGGGG first trimester.  Or first and second trimester.  Or somethin'.

But I'm getting all Braxton-Hicks-ish (for the women out there who've been there before) and now that we have the land, we can drive TO the land, we can see/feel/smell/hear/walk on and otherwise do everything but LIVE ON the land, I'm feeling those warmup contractions.

(If I start going on a cleaning tear, this might get ugly fast, ha!)

Anyway, next up, the survey!!!

Surveys make things official-- they make borders possible, they make building departments and other minions of the industry happy, they make boundaries for fences and No Trespassing signs and define areas that should now be off limits to wandering tractors in search of free topsoil or fill dirt.

They mean the possibility of drawing an actual MAP of the place, siting structures and trees and plants and raised beds and low areas and high areas and retainment ponds and entrances and exits and paths and wildflower patches and animal areas and food forests and...and...and...

(gonna birth this baby, gonna birth this baby...)

And well, maybe we don't know squat about "birthin' no baby" like this one when it comes right down to it, but the anticipation keeps jumping ahead of each step, adding fuel to the fire!

Survey, survey, gettin' the survey...

Another step!!!  Map my joy and measure my happiness, it's another step!!

What's taking its time being born in your neck of the woods, and what's the next step?

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