Saturday, June 23, 2012

Palmetto Prairie Postcards

I'm having such fun with the photo editing options over at picmonkey, I'm playing more with everyday pics I've taken here and there (yes, just my basic originals).  Our area here in Florida where I live and within about an hour every direction is referred to in general as a palmetto prairie. It's a terrain that would have been at the bottom of my "dream area" list, but after having lived here nearing a decade now, I see even this climate and locale has its undeniable beauties.  I've decided to have some fun with photo editing for no other reason than my own pleasure, and I may start putting a few of them here from time to time.  Nothing serious, just my own whimsy...quick sketches and impressions just for the fun of it!

And so are born the Palmetto Prairie postcards -- photos and (edit button) finger paint-- :-D

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