Monday, June 25, 2012

Orange Milkwort

Charlotte county, June 2012.  Not the best picture, but not so bad on a day when the plants were swaying heavily in the wind.  This one was easier to identify.  I'll investigate any known medicinal uses, but nothing much came up on my first few internet searches.  Here's what Green Dean has to say about its kind...

I'm on a quest to slowly and patiently try to identify the native wildflowers I see underfoot in order to be familiar with them (knowing their names would be a great start!) and also to see if there are any known medicinal qualities to them.

But mostly to  marvel at their variety and beauty...

I find this so relaxing, and it's a place where my mind can relax and breathe.  It's no wonder the first place man and God walked together was in a garden.



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small farm girl said...

Good idea! I might try looking up some of the "weeds" in my own back yard.