Monday, June 11, 2012


It was time.  After much too much procrastination, I finally began my first veggie ferments.  I combined different vegetables I had on hand in the fridge and packed them (cleaned and raw) into clean half gallon jars.  Two of them have water/salt/whey solutions as the brine, and the third has just water/salt.  I'll top them off tomorrow if there is any head space, and give them a good "burp" daily to release any built up pressure.  They are supposed to ferment at room temperature after a number of days...I'll see what the count ends up being.  After they reach a good tartness/fizziness, the fermentation can be halted by keeping them in the fridge.

These are several combinations of any of these veggies:  cauliflower, vidalia onion, radishes, scotch bonnet peppers, scallions, sweet red bell peppers, garlic, and serrano peppers.  My goal is to get some of those great probiotics into our daily meals, use fermented foods as a side condiment to our regular food, and to get our "gut" (digestion) healthier and more robust.

I have two great references for fermenters...the first is the Shagri-La of all fermenting books authored by Sandor Katz, entitled The Art of Fermentation.  It's comprehensive and so engrossing I can hardly put it down EVERY time I pick it up to read!  You need not be experienced at all to enjoy and begin using it, it's that fun and straightforward, and thoroughly researched.  And approachable.  OK, I'm shutting up now!

And my second reference is my wonderful friend Deb, who is perpetually buried in fermenting projects that will inspire you and make you HUNGRY..she is over at the website The Kultured Karaite, where she shares her experience and opinions about fermenting and its importance in healing and maintaining vibrant health...check it out!

Well, I'm off now...can't wait till a few days pass and we can begin sampling some of the fermented goodies..they're our first try.  How very easy this experiment has been so far!

What are you fermenting, and what tips can you offer?  Do you have a favorite combination of veggies and spices?  Please share :-D


Zaftig Diva said...

That's for the post.

I have pickled peppers fermenting, now. I watched the video on Kultured Karaite. It is early times here but I have lots of gypsy peppers and jalapenos.

I'm sure before long I will have picked a peck.

Robbyn said...

How did they turn out? One of my jars was way too hot...too many peppers, the one without whey did not ferment correctly, so got thrown out, and the final one was wonderful! I let it go a few days and now it's in the fridge and the chopped veg is put right on my turkey sandwich for the BEST condiment, YUM. I think next time I do peppers that are hot, I'll do a small quantity and do just them without other ingredients..that way I can add it judiciously to other things. Let me know how your peppers turn out!