Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Old 45s

Yes, I'm of the generation that knows what the old 45s are.  And today, I'm the old 45 !!!!!  Older, and feeling very vinyl in this world of laser and digital and virtual and viral, and not wishing it otherwise. 

I painted my toenails, took the day off tomorrow, determined that today nothing would keep this smile off my face despite a big bleach splatter right across the whole right side of my new scrub top, waking up an hour early due to inadvertently re-setting the time on my alarm clock instead of setting the alarm, and drama drama drama on the job.  But the truck ran, the wipers worked even in a downpour, the house smelled like fresh baked banana bread, our clothes are clean, my dog loves me, my daughter phones for long talks, the AC works, and Jack still laughs at my really lame jokes and kisses me a lot.  And I got some really wonderful emails today from friends (thank you!)

We might do nothing special tomorrow, but even that will be something special if Jack and I can have it together.  The rains came today and there is an actual springlike cool outside tonight that is simply delicious!

I have the last two chapters left of the Number One Ladies' Detective Agency series to curl up with beside my unconscious and slightly-snoring hubby.  And plenty of South African Red Rooibos tea to inhale (it smells wonderful) and savor.  My house is halfway clean, which percentage-wise means I'm 100% content relaxing in it if the lights are low (ha!)  

One of my clients is well cared-for, but frighteningly lonely and anxious.  She weighs on my mind a lot.  Today, we decided to begin a project.  Each time we're together, we'll write some of her memoirs.  Maybe paper and pen can anchor in words some of the parts of herself she fears she is losing.

"One day at a time, one moment at a time..."  I say those words aloud, but I think I need to hear them as much as she does. 

How quickly those days and moments have added up to the number 45.   

Memory is the only precision instrument needed for instant replay.
And like those songs on the scratchy, comfortable vinyls,  the sound can get stuck repeating in the darnedest places.


fullfreezer said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! 45 is a great year. I've been there, done that and it's not too bad.
Have a fabulous day off. Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, friend, from someone just a few years older than you so yes, I remember the old 45s (and have a special love for seniors).

Mr. H. said...

Happy Birthday! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glNjsOHiBYs

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Happy BD! What a great post, you write so well - helping your client set down her memoirs is a great idea. You are a treasure!

A message from T to K - "don't feel bad, I got in trouble for getting into the meatloaf on the stove the other night! They quickly got over it though, but now I can't reach anything..." :(

pilgrimscottage said...

I wish you a most happy birthday new year! Have a great day.

Phelan said...


R said...

THANKS to you all for your comments!! Not only did we enjoy the perfect day together (Jack and I) but he's totally spoiled me and I loved every minute of it! Judy, it's good to hear it's got potential! Michelle thanks, and I'm wondering just when that magic number becomes Senior! Mr H, ha, great link :) Nita, thanks lady...and K sends condolences to T; looks like their counter surfing days have been curtailed at least for the moment :) Pilgrim, I did...thanks!! Phelan, YAY...I survived 44, ha! :)

Irma said...

Happy Belated!

I am a few years behind you, but I am loving my forties.....why would anyone ever lie about their age? I'm 41 and fabulous, after all. (And hey, you have four MORE years of fabulous on you, what could be more awesome??)