Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Comfrey Demure

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Deb said...

Oh man, I want some comfrey!! I had some, but when we moved it didn't survive the move. :(

I use it in a salve I make for when one of our cows has problems...and would LOVE to grow my own. LOL One of these days I'll find some to try again, hopefully. Your's looks wonderful! :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful!!! said...

So nice to know your still here after my long hiatus.:-D
My comfrey is also blooming. Isn't it attractive?
They say you can't kill this plant and maybe their right. I put it in a spot where I had trouble growing something (many things) and it's coming on like gang busters since just a month ago. It will soon take over that area. Guess I found the right plant for the spot!

Mr. H. said...

We are growing comfrey for the first time this year, hope ours turns out looking as good as yours does.