Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not gone

...just working, sleeping, eating, working, sleeping, eating.

Shall get back here somewhere in between one of those!

My numbers change in two days.  I'm aging fast.

I'm stumping for a fun day to the ECHO global test farm, to see what multi-purpose edible plants we can discover ...and adopt!  Shall take camera if so.  If not, I shall bore everyone again with pics of all the dormant plants that have sprung back to life in the near-90s heat we're having now.

Update, news, pics, and final giveaway soon.  Till then, I'm embracing my Inner Geezer and getting actual sleep at night instead of staying up at the keyboard.  The job is going well and I'm good and tired by evening.  Sleeping the sleep of the somewhat mischeivous-yet-fairly innocent...

Doesn't make for exciting blog text, but I have a few subjects up my sleeve for some stolen moments here...

1.  Rooibos, aka, Bush Tea
2.  Purple Leaf Tree Collards
3.  Jack's new propagation technique (even more Benign Neglect as successful growing, ha!)
4.  The removal of The Pole Thing
5.  The alien concept of The Dishwasher
6.  I Can See All Floor Surfaces Now (or Cleaning for Passover:  the good, the bad, the cathartic)
7.  OMGosh It's Almost Passover and we have to Hurry Up And Eat the Leaven
8.  Working With the Elderly is SO VERY COOL At Times
9.  Fat Dog, or Vet Confirms Some Animals Have No OFF Switch
10.  Disgruntled Dog, or Mom Has Me on Gulag Rations
11.  Eating The Actual Plants We've Now Spent Several Years Writing About

And so on.

I'll be back between hasty pre-Passover cleaning  and guilty pleasure occasional OLD Hulu back-episodes of Hell's Kitchen.   And any in the series of Number One Ladies Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith I can keep unstocking from my local public library. In which plump women are not termed Fat, but rather, Traditionally Built.

Maybe this summer, what with the heat and everything, I'll manage to become less traditionally-built ;-) 

It's for now, sleep.


Deb said...

Happy Birthday! Hope whatever you do, that you have a wonderful day. :)

Your topics sound interesting. :)

R said...

Deb...Thank you!!!

Shreela said...

#2 is my vote ^_^