Saturday, February 5, 2011

Using Leftovers: Homemade Dog Treats!

Got some leftover veggies on hand that aren't going to make it into a soup, fritter, casserole, etc?  Many veggies and leftovers can be incorporated into making dog treats.  Pumpkin, squashes, green peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, are all things that can be used, and dog treats are easy to approximate.

Essentially, they're biscuits, and they don't have to come out pretty to be appreciated by our Kaleb.   Avoid any ingredients your pet might be allergic to, and all ingredients on the DON'T list for dogs...grapes/raisins, onions, and so on.

I was cleaning out my fridge and had some items that weren't spoiled but were too sparse to make it into another meal soon...a bit of fish, a little cooked carrot, dab of oatmeal.   There are a lot of good dog treat recipes online...I just mixed some old pancake mix (don't need to keep it on hand and there was not much left) with the leftovers, mixed in some powdered milk, flour, dry oats, oil, and an egg.  Stir, roll out, and bake!

These were kind of homely and the white stuff isn't powdered sugar but flour.   But they actually smelled good cooking and I cooked them long enough for them to be hard enough to keep well stored in a sack in the freezer, and for a few to be kept in the treat jar.

Got any tried and true recipes you use for your own pet treats?  I'd love to know!

From Kaleb's kitchen, bon appetit!


pilgrimscottage said...

This is a great idea for leftovers and tidbits. Although I haven't made doggie treats, lately, think I'll use your ideas for my leftovers. Thanks for this.

Doggy Dessert Chef said...

What a quick and easy recipe, I'm adding it to my facebook page right now.

small farm girl said...

Great idea! I just hate giving my dog those treats you get at the store.

small farm girl said...

Great idea! I just hate giving my dog those treats you get at the store.

Robbyn said...

Pilgrim, neat! It just doesnt make sense not to try it sometimes after seeing how pricey the treats at the pet store are...and made pretty much of what anyone can do themselves.

Doggy Dessert Chef...great :)

Small Farm Girl...and the ones at the store are so expensive!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I know a couple of jealous fellas who wish their mom baked for them!

Kaleb you lucky dog!

Just has to pop in and say HI

Alejandro Newman said...
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