Thursday, February 10, 2011

Question for Readers: Do You Have Your Own Etsy Site or Homemade/Homegrown Products for Sale?

Hey, everyone out here...I'd really love to know if you have your own home business, homemade items, homegrown things you sell on the side or as a part your cottage industry.  I don't put advertising on my sidebar or in my text mainly because I didn't create this as an income-generating blog, plus advertising usually gets on my last nerve.

HOWEVER, I'd LOVE to know what YOU make yourself, sell as a legitimate service, etc etc...I'd love to put them in a post here.

If you make  homemade soaps, design websites, bottle honey from your own honeybees, have raw or spun wool, knitted/crocheted/sewn items,  make quilts, etc...and a hundred other things that could go on the list here...I'd love to have a link to your site or email address with a list of what you have available.

I love my internet friends and want to encourage exchanges and purchases among our mutual cottage businesses and personal handmade/etc items.

Just list your info in comments and after a few days I'll include them all in a post...I have my reasons for asking :)

Thanks!  Can't wait to see what everyone has for sale!


Michelle said...

So far I spin and knit for my own pleasure and for gift-giving; as a homeschooling mom I can't generate enough to warrant offering yarn or knitted items for sale. But I do sell raw fleece and roving from my Shetlands, and I do graphic design (logos, brochures, business cards, ads - anything print-related) from a home office. I also do fine artwork (scratchboard, painting, drawing, stained glass) on commission, but haven't made time for much of that for years.

Green Griffin said...

Thanks for asking!

My cottage industry is making sustainable cottages and gardens. I am helping one custom home building client remodel her kitchen and plant a "peace" garden outside with herbs and fruit trees. My green building blog is:

I also sell plants and herbs from my own garden to the local farmer's market. My homestead blog is:

My wife raises rabbits and trains Australian Sheppards and on the rarest of occasions has puppies for confirmation, agility and/or pet homes (she is NOT a puppy mill). She is working on the site for puppies now:

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Hoping to in retirement; two(?) years hence.....

edifice rex said...

Well, you know what I make Robbyn! lol!
Great idea you have though, to provide links to craftspeople!

fullfreezer said...

Hi Robbyn, long time no hear....
I don't have any etsy site although my darling daughter would like to start one. But, she has to align her waterfowl better for that to happen.

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

While I don't design websites, I do design/create fonts for folks. I'm not sure it's a cottage industry, but it's one that I love doing to help people (particularly crafters/scrapbookers) get their stories on their pages, and do it in their own handwriting. I love doing it! It's blossomed into a wider audience with businesses, graphic designers and such, but it's still about personal story-telling to me!

I'd love to come up with something useful that's non-digital to help augment what we earn!

Howling Hill said...

I have one for my knitting. Haven't sold anything yet because I just opened it the other day.