Friday, February 25, 2011

Still here!

The past little while has been BUSY, but it's been a good sort of busy!  

Thank you to all who left your information about your own home businesses.  I have a reason for asking :)

Jack and I will be making an announcement in the  next few days, and that will be paired with a giveaway.

There will be a few more posts focusing on debt and frugality and lessons learned (and some we still have to learn).  I'll include an update on my new job, an entirely new career shift (though I hardly think of any of my jobs as a "career").

And lastly, but certainly not least,  I also have some great information to post about another edible leafy green we'll be trying this spring (well, throughout the year), the purple leaf tree collard.  I'm delighted to welcome a guest post-er from the west coast for that post, or series of posts, so he can share his firsthand knowledge of this plant, since the information we were able to find about it on the internet was scant but fascinating.

It's almost shabbat now, so there'll probably be no action here at the blog till next week.   But we're still here and will shoot some posts here forthwith, after the weekend.

Have a great and restful few days!

Robbyn and Jack :)

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Hughbert said...

How did you go with the tree collards? Where do you source these from in Australia?