Monday, May 17, 2010

Lassie Can't Fix Stupid, or Otherwise Entitled

Don't Leave The Faucet Running Full Blast In the Laundry Room Washtub and Then Forget About It.

Kaleb is good about alerting us to trouble.  Usually.  He can sound like an Irish Wolfhound if someone is at the front door, can whine if something is wrong, make near-human voices for different things he's trying to communicate to us.  He can also engage in a cyclical game of Fetch My Mangled Stuffed Animal when his owner, unlike Timmy and not trapped in a mine shaft, is mindlessly going about chores in another part of the house, stopping only to lob the toy back to the dog when prompted.

La la this how senility begins?  At 44, I hope not, but let's just say I'm glad I had to run back to the other side of the house.  BECAUSE MY CLASS ACT CANINE DIDN'T SEEM TO THINK there was anything out of the ordinary as The River Styx approached from the laundry room...he gamely held his stuffed animal in his mouth, all perky and happy as I rounded the corner to find a Golem-sized column of Mr. Bubble-like suds advancing, and the FULL washtub (and those things hold a lot of water, they do) doing its impression of an indoor waterfall, full force.

I have taken to soaking even non-laundry items in the washtub at times.  With LOTS of hand dishwashing liquid.  And the resultant bubbles.  Yes, I know I'm writing fragmened phrases, some of which lack subjects or verbs.  But back to the story.  It looks like in this instance, I had forgotten the important detail of TURNING THE FAUCET OFF.  It does take a long time to fill one of those jobbies.  I had a lot of things to soak.  I suppose I just multi-tasked way past the back end of the house and the forgotten running water.  Ack.

Needless to say, I pulled the plug on all the fun.  My dog is not a water dog maybe he was trying to keep me upstream?  Or he hates mopping floors as much as I do?  Or it was not yet a crisis in that it had not yet reached the value-sized box of dog biscuits?  (ha) At any rate the floor throughout the house, thankfully, is hard tile.  And there were more suds than water (that's saying a lot, because there was a lot of water) and I only had to throw down one closetful of towels (not an exaggeration) had flooded the laundry room but had only just begun to course past the pantry and on into the kitchen.

And thus the moon waxed and waned (not really, the whole process lasted about 30 minutes) and the tides pushed and pulled (indoors and out) and all nature plotted that this day would be the one for me to finally mop my floors.   

Well, cross that off the list.  Floor:  Mopped!

So now added to the list of Did I (a) turn off the iron (b) turn off the stove (c) put the gasoline can away from anywhere flammable (d) lock up the house before leaving (e) recheck whether I turned off the stove and the iron...the letter (f)...TURN OFF ALL THE FAUCETS.  Just another item for the obssessive compulsive checklist.


Well, it looks like I'm ahead on my chores for the day.  Wonder if that means I should pencil in Wash the Dog.   heh  :)   Here boy ;-)


fullfreezer said...

You could have mopped the floor with the dog and crossed both items off your list. I hope everything dried out well for you.

Robbyn said...

LOL, it's all good, Judy!

small farm girl said...

I am soooo glad I'm not the only one that does things like that! Now you have made my day. Thank you. Oh, and....could you come over and wash my dog too? I'll even let you mop the floor. LOL

wardhouse said...

That is too funny!! Sadly I can relate. I have both the dog and the overly exuberant faucets.