Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello Memory Reader Card

(or is that Memory Card Reader? Clicking any of these pics should enlarge them) Anyway, now I can finally post pictures again!  I have to do it the "long" way...via the laptop that's virus-free and a touchpad instead of the manual mouse (don't want to unhook it every time from the main computer, blah blah blah)

Here are some of our malangas, still in their plactic bins before being transplanted by Jack to the lot next door (in the ground).  They die back in the winter and reappear in the spring, but so far we haven't reaped a crop from them (the roots).

I had no idea how much I had missed seeing some snaps now and then of what's going on around here.  Here are a few I took in the interim, dating back a few weeks or so...

These are some random wildflower pics.

One of my goals is to learn their names.  I have yet to get that ID manual from the library.  I'm easily distractible and never have yet made it past the fiction, history, and gardening sections :)

Well, I do at least know the name of this one ;-)

 Now that I'm paying attention, there are simply scores of different kinds of wildflowers here year-round, if I'll stop to look. There are more especially on our empty lot next door, since we've been having loads of stable cleanings brought there. The hardpan sand is now nearly a (weedy) meadow, what with all the seeds in the hay going to town, the bermuda swallowing everything, and the several inches of composted manure and herbage from last year's sowings of cowpeas, etc. I rather like leaving it wild and seeing what appears this year, since we aren't putting in an "official" garden.
See the camera-shy guy behind the salad greens?  That's my handsome man!
Some things have come back as volunteers, and we're happy to reap them.  Here Jack has gleaned lettuces and some early clover.  The clover goes into our smoothies, and really is a pick-me-up.
Here is some dollarweed, the round-leafed variety, which we eat as well. It tastes somewhat like a mild parsley and is really good for us, being the American version of the gotu kola variety, which also grows here wild, the difference being more of a heart-shaped leaf with reverse scallops along the leaf edges. What delicious wild things!

And Kaleb keeping watch over all the proceedings...(when he's not getting into the Forbidden Chocolate)

This is some of the Gynura that came back from the winter freezes. We're transplanting it several different areas in-ground. It easily roots from cuttings stuck right into the soil and watered in.

And here's the reappearing act of the Cranberry Hibiscus/False Roselle (edible delicious leaves), which will get to over 8 feet by the end of the season if not cut back and allowed to take a bushier form. We LOVE these...they are the ones that look somewhat like a Japanese maple.

The calabaza seeds will pretty much sprout wherever you throw them. Ours are putting out a lot of blooms. Like I said, we have no official garden this year, so this year's calabaza crop will be our version of Survivor...let's see how they do. This pic is from the glut we had last year. There are a couple dozen blooms just like them on our Survivor plants taking off this year.

And last but not least, one more gratuitious blue wildflower shot...

...the best sort of "blues" to have in these spring days melting into summer :)

Have a wonderful week!


Michelle said...

Your first and last photos just make me swoon!

Robbyn said...

Thank you, Michelle...I have MISSED my camera! I'm thinking of taking a community class sometime to see if I can actually use it to its full potential, or get photoshop someday and learn to amp up the pics a bit with it.

Mr. H. said...

Nice salad fixings! Kaleb is looking as handsome as ever and I'm glad you are able to post pictures again.