Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Coincidence

It's probably no coincidence that my blues are occurring at the same time as this cycle of physical stuff recurs. I'm not going to write more about the specifics. Yes, I'll be making some necessary changes, and I continue to try different remedies.

Long story short is that I don't much like my personality just now, and normal life ups and downs just seem more intense, though they probably aren't. I feel irritable even in regular conversations with those I love. That's not "me."

I don't get really low often, but my spirits are really not in a good place. I'll be back here when I have something positive to contribute. I can't seem to shake my irritability, and it's got me wanting to just take a bus and disappear from everyone, period, till I find my good humor again.

My "sky's still the same color"'s just my own perspective of it that needs a readjustment.

Hope to be back soon when I can find my smile :)


Rita said...

You'll find your smile as soon as a doctor or practitioner is listening to you. Someone who can help and you feel hears what you are saying. Many prayers for you.

Wendy said...

Please have a blood chemical screen (I don't know what to call it). Have them check for vitamin deficiencies, like Vitamin D (which can cause depression), and most people don't know it, but extremely low cholesterol can also cause depression.

Be well, Robbyn.

Diane said...

Hi Robbyn,
I found your blog while doing some research on Tasha Tudor. I recently purchased a first edition cookbook of hers and of course wanted to know more! I found your post on bread making and then spent a little time visiting your past entries. I enjoyed the visit. :) I am sorry you are struggling with health issues and I do hope you feel better soon, today, now!
You can visit my site at:
Take care and may God bless you with a speedy recovery.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hang in there, Robbyn-Robbyn Bo-Bobbyn. If you and I were closer, I know I could make you smile. :-)
I agree with what your two other commenters say..I'm sorry for your struggles. ...This, too, shall pass - I promise!

Sue said...

I agree with the others, it's time to have a COMPLETE check-up. It's amazing what a difference being off balance on certain vitamins or minerals can do. Please take care, and we'll be here waiting for your return.

Paulette said...

Will be thinking about you Robbyn. Hang in there, you will find your happy place again.

Wendy has a good point...I just found out that I'm deficient in b12 and D, and have been taking supplements for a few months...I definitely feel better.

Take care of you.

Michelle said...

Could it be perimenopause? Hormones are such power things. That's what seems to be behind my irritability/intolerance. EVERYthing grates on me; sometimes I handle it better than others. I am taking kelp and L-tyrosine to support my thyroid since I was having some symptoms there but tested normal, and a stress tab (B complex) which has mostly stopped the hot flashes, but haven't found anything that cures the "mood/'tude." Let me know if YOU find it!

Melodie said...

Please hang in there!The answers are there,sometimes it takes awhile and a good doctor to find them.I saw Michelle already mentioned thyroid.I know from experience when it is low nothing is right,it causes depression,fatigue,pain many things and it is different for each person.

You have a world of blog friends out here praying and sending good thoughts your way!

WeekendFarmer said...

Robbyn - Came to see how you are doing. You will feel better soon before you know it. My yoga instructor said to take some vitamin D as I was going through the same. Please check with your doctor before you take that though. Its funny mention irritability...I was just sifting through some religious book yesterday looking for an edict and came across a quote that said - we - human were created irritable...Dont want to go all religious on you : ) ....but it is our nature. Take a break..if you are physically up to it, a brief fast..might also help. Keep wirting...we dont mind you 'sharing': ). It can become therapeuctic. Sending you loads of good wishes from the East!!!

Conny said...

Dear Robbyn, I understand that you're not asking for advice, just telling us like it is. However, many of the recommendations above are worth looking in to. I hope that you are successful in finding out the cause. The sun will indeed shine again for you; I feel it somehow.

Take good care.

do bigha zameen said...

i hope you are better, loved your blog, i will be a reader from now on. Thanx