Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Quickie update:

1. I'm now in the care of an ear/nose/throat specialist. I'm feeling relief and can hear now out of one of my ears and both are so much better. We're working on the right ear to get the stubborn infection nixed. I really love this doc. He sees the yuck and gets this tube thingy and suctions it all out. Ohhhhh, so very great (total relief, ah :))

2. The losers who stole and wrecked our vehicle recently now have been making their way through our personal effects, namely the checkbooks and outgoing mail (checks sealed for mailing for monthly bills) that were among the stolen contents of the truck. It looks like we may be dealing with three counties in question, so I am doing due diligence trying to coordinate hubby/bank/case detective/copies of all the paperwork in question so that it can all be linked to the one same crime...and if fingerprints, checks, etc ever produce a break in the case, they can be busted for ALL of it. And oh, how I hope they are.

3. Been making the most of the library. The past few weeks it was espionage-ish type novels, then made my way through various sets of authors and their collections, then had a dry run of some authors I've never tried, with varied success. I'm now in the middle of one of Barbara Kingsolver's older ones, and just replenished the stack with some books of letters/logs/diaries (historical), some history local and of cuba, and various random selections from my ongoing author search in the fiction section, trying to locate others I've never read but might enjoy. I'm keeping the stack to about 15, and rotating out as I go so it stays fresh. I devour books.

4. Pulling things together for an early thanksgiving celebration with friends this weekend. Every minute between now and then is accounted for and I have no idea when i'll get the items in time (the things to cook and take...I was given a list of things to make that we don't usually have at home) because the work schedule (shared rides) have really screwy hours, PLUS Jack is having to handle driving time to banks to keep following up on the #2 above. But that said, my husband is very relaxed and seems to be immune to The Disaster Which Is My Kitchen presently, knowing that I will someday knock out the nuclear waste that is my stack of dishes in the sink. That, too, rotates, but quickly gets behind. I'm feeling SO much better physically! And perhaps too relaxed?? Well, I'm getting plenty of sleep, and am feeling so much better by the day!

5. And that's its own point. I'm so much better by the day, and I feel more like myself...HOORAY!!! Thank you to all who prayed for my health! There are still tests being run, but the feeling like I was hit by a bus is definately OVER. WHEW!!

6. Pup's good! Kaleb is thriving on his regimen, and is so well-knitted into the fiber of our family I can't imagine it without him. If you want a dog to not only be a faithful companion but to be totally in adoration and keep tabs on you 24/7, that's an Aussie. He's bonded well with Jack, too...they have their special "man talk" they do. but Kaleb is like an old mother hen about me and if one of us goes outside and the other stays in, he'll opt to stay close to me and worry about me while still going frequently to the window and worrying about Jack...it's really sweet. So we play and spoil the daylights out of him, and he seems to be thriving...yay :) His coat is looking like a whole new dog. We have to be careful not to be in the direct line of fire of his exuberance on these cooler days when he rockets around the yard outside when we take him out. He doesnt understand that he's the equivalent of a 65 lb freight train :)

7. Still researching the technologies I mentioned in a recent post, adn following up on the comments you guys left there. We LOVE those and love chipping away at those things!

8. Land search news on the horizon. Mum's the word till there's anything to report. But it still is being labored on.

9. I've never owned a gun. I've shot rifles and a shotgun before, but never a handgun. I've always been somewhat intimidated by handguns. But for whatever reason, we've made a couple trips to shops where I can see and feel handguns, to satisfy my curiosity and try to get over my irrational fear of them. I'm doing this for myself because I'd rather be educated than intimidated and ignorant of something. To know if I like it or not, and if not, to be sure of my reasons why. Doing some reading and going to these shops has at least gotten me less shy around them. I'm curious about them and am contemplating a gun safety class. And if I reach a comfort level, I'd like to go to a firing range and get more comfortable operating them. And possibly contemplate a class on concealed weapon licensing? Dunno, we'll see. Any thoughts?

10. I've gotten outside more and have been walking more. As my health has been better, I've craved walks in this beautiful weather that's mild but with good strong sun coming down...perfect! Been enjoying walking Kaleb, and I haven't gained back any of the weight I lost while sick (yay!). Now to get on a regular sleeping schedule.

all for now....

going to finish out the demanding week, and get in my great stretches of rest, especially since Jack's encouraging them. In spite of the stack of dishes.

I love my husband :)

P.S. Sometimes Kaleb snores like a little old man. And as he naps at my feet, sometimes he makes dog noises that freak me out because they sound like someone whispering. He also makes jealous dog noises, or pouting noises when Jack and I snuggle up asleep at night. But he gets over it. You should hear his sigh of resignation when we're all cuddled. As in "hey you two, get a room." And then he settles back into his deluxe pillow-stack condo beside my side of the bed. Yeah, he's got it so rough... It's a dog's life... :)


Fleecenik Farm said...

Glad to hear that things are turing around. I am finishing the book, "The Physik Book of Deliverance Dane" by Katherine Howe. Part history, supernatural (withour over doing it) and mystery. Very good.

Mr. H. said...

On #9, first let me say that I am not a big fan of guns, for many reasons. That said, I do own a handgun and always will. I think it is very important to have the ability to defend yourself and your household.

We mostly take ours with hiking and woodcutting as there are some very strange people out there. And of course we have it for home defense as well. It's an ugly world out there...unfortunately.

If you were not raised around guns, like I was, I would definitely consider taking a course and think it would be most advantageous to practice shooting on a regular bases.

You want to be comfortable shooting but not to the point that you forget how very dangerous a handgun or any gun for that matter can be. You are right to be a little nervous, guns are not to be taken lightly.

I'll be the first to congratulate you if you decide against one, but understand why you might want one as well.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Glad that you have a doc who is now taking charges. Keep the questions coming.

Get used to the dog noises. He's family now.

I understand the hesitation on the gun issue. It's a huge transition we made years ago. Details on request.

Paulette said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, yay!!!!!

Sounds like things are getting better by the day, I'm so glad to have the old Robbyn back. Not old, you know what I mean :-)

Funny about the doggie snoring (the whispering sounds would totally freak me out). My Boston Terrier snores so loud sometimes at night when we are watching tv that we have to turn the tv up...it's funny. Dogs are just so awesome.

Hope you have a great rest of the week, and welcome back :-)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, and got a new doc!

Of course, I want to say I told you so on Kaleb!! :)

And finally, I second getting a handgun if you're willing to take the classes and practice. For a discreet way of carrying here is a link for a great pack.


Do sign up for their email list, they have been selling those packs for $20.00 bucks lately and they are tough - mine is abused and worn continously and is still in good shape.

Glad you're on the mend!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Robbyn said...

Fleecenik, that sounds interesting...I'll look it up. Love a good book!

Mr H, good idea on taking a course. My daughter is interested, too, so it might be a good thing for the three of us. Very sobering that they're necessary. I wish they weren't.

Jack OAT, we'd love any more info you have on the gun issue. We're trying to make informed decisions and be wise.

Paulette, ha! Yeah the VERY old me is back ;-) And yeah, I'm loving my pup. The carpet, however, I love cleaning less when he decides it's an easier target than going outside :)

Nita, yeah, I love my little-ol-man-furball. Got any good recommendations for a good handgun? Yes to the taking classes. When I saw your link, my eyes did a trick and I initially thought it said tommyguns, and I thought Wow, Nita sure packs a lot in one of those little carry bags, ha :)

Ken, you guys, too!