Thursday, June 25, 2009

False Roselle

I hope your week has been busy and fulfilling and that new things are sprouting!
Here are some seeds Jack planted a while to our garden, cranberry hibiscus, or false roselle. They are naturally nematode and insect resistant, and will tolerate sandy soil. We saw them growing at the ECHO test farm to the size of a fairly large shrub. This pic was taken in the the sunlight the leaves really stand out with a glowing ruby color. (The leaves remind me of Japanese maple leaves ) I still can't get over how beautiful each plant is, and how unique.
Just had to post a pic...the leaves are edible and taste like tart lemon :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a gem of a plant, edible, beautiful, and hardy to your area's challenges!

Sue said...

They look like Maple leaves. Boy, though, what a color-gorgeous. And they only get shrub size? And I've GOT sandy soil.....might have to try it. Keep us posted with pics as it grows, ok?

Robbyn said...

I'm having trouble with blogger letting me reply in comments...trying again and again. Thank you Michelle and Sue for yours, and I'll keep you posted as we see how these beautiful plants do! :)