Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Calabaza: So Many Uses

I love multiple-use plants, especially if they're really hardy. Our calabazas recently had to be harvested after we found evidence of some borer damage, but what a bounty that one vine provided us!

We harvested over 90 lbs from the one plant, and it gave no evidence of quitting! Here is what it provided us:

1. Leaves for cooked greens
2. Blossoms for fresh salads or frying
3. Immature fruits for use as summer squash
4. Mature fruits for use as storage pumpkins
5. Seeds for roasting
6. Really beautiful variegated foliage and stunning flowers

For more about our experience so far with growing this plant, it's my post today at NotDabblingInNormal...maybe you'll want to try calabaza, too!

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