Monday, March 23, 2009

My Computer is Having a Mid-Life Crisis

DELLa ran off with Jason the computer repair guy. My best estimate is that their fling will hopefully last no more than a couple weeks.

When my computer is less of a drama queen, I'll be back. Trying to fix her on my own ended up being a novice's poorly executed series of complex plot twists and cliffhangers, but with no resolution. Sort of like in Gone With the Wind, except we're left wondering how to finish the final line "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a.....???"

A what, a what??

Well, whatever the ending is, it surely involves an arm and a leg (ugh...$$$)

I'll keep you posted, and I'll check in via the library to emails every few days.

Can't wait to get back here, when hard drives and antispyware are all on the same page!

And with that, I wave my hanky till next time...hope to be back soon!!



Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a....RAM? :) LOL I hope she comes back soon and behaves herself!

Jennifer said...

Hope Dell-a comes back soon!

Christina said...

Will be missing ya! Hope DELLa and Jason get their act together soon!

warren said...

Sorry you ran in to the computer plague! Hopefully everything is backed up!

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Ugh, my computer had a thing going with the nerd squad at Best Buy when I bought her in October. She's been trying to get back there ever since, but I'm not falling for it. ;o)

We'll look forward to hearing from you on the regular again!

Wrensong Farm said...

great computer love story.....not so great for the one left behind! I still can't believe how addicted I've become to my computer!!

lilly said...

Just scrolling through some blogs and saw diabetic!!! A light went off and sudddenly it seemed like I was listening to my oldest daughter who is what they call a brittle diabetic. Guess that means she is not able to control that dam disease. Really scary at times. Hope you don't mind hearing from an old disabled MOM who still worries about her children. Good luck to and hope your computer plague gets well soon. LILLY

Heather said...

Your broken computer is giving me Back Forty withdrawals! Come back soon, Robbyn!

Christina said...

Knock Knock.... anyone home! I came for a sanity fix.... the baby gets married in 2 days..... Help.... the guests begin arriving today!