Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My post today on Not Dabbling in Normal is a rambly bit about games remembered...the sort requiring no assembly, batteries, joystick, or wall plug.

As an update to my post a few days ago, we never found the kitchen noise culprit, but I did observe my overgrown goldfish wiggling the hard plastic casing that houses the bubble stone, and it would tap the side of the tank. Just when I thought for SURE that must have been what I heard the other day, I heard another noise that put me in doubt'll see. Arggh, the suspense!

The weather here has turned suddenly quite cold for this area, and I was under the weather the last few days. I haven't assembled the laundry soap yet, though I have the ingredients (the bars of soap need grating and all that), and I've done no more kitchen projects. I did, however, shovel and rake the entire two trailerloads of horse poo/woodshavings into a large-ish square shape about 8 to 10" deep. When it warms, we'll start with that as the location for testing some warm weather crops...when we have warm weather!

We've both been working a lot, and this morning I'm jet-lagged from spending time yesterday out and about with my daughter (instead of sleeping) and then working all night. Wow, you know you're getting old when you begin looking FORWARD to going to sleep again, ha :)

Watched The Bucket List last night and cried my eyes out. That, just on the heels of watching the Joe Black movie with Jack the night before. Any other movies that ensue are going to have to be less meaningful and maudlin, or I'll be a mess ;-)

We chip, chip, chip away in the blue collar way at our debt, debt, debt. Just had to say it again, because instead of tons of progress on fabulous handmade items or homesteady undertakings, it's our biggest contribution of time and effort. We're sort of on autopilot that way right now. And with that occupation, it makes for a lot of pre-occupation where normally I'd be having a nice creative flow and some mental synapse fun. Ah, well...I'll have to be boring a bit, I suppose, and just keep getting my jollies seeing another credit card be retired as paid in full, one at a time, thanks to Jack's oversight and both of our participation and time. Right now, just having time with him when we're not having overlapping schedules is the nicest treat, when we can catch those moments! We're very thankful to have the work...

OK, my eyes are crossing...time for some (always weird in the daytime) beauty sleep. Hope everyone is havinga great day, and for those of you in the path of the big cold system, I hope you're snug and warm!

Shall return soon...

Robbyn :)


Jennifer said...

The Bucket List! I loved that movie!

Paulette said...

Robbyn, last night I dreamed that you and some other folks were visiting me. Did you know you have brownish, reddish pigtails? Yep, you do :-)

I've never pictured you with pigtails when I've been awake, I just thought that was funny.

Robbyn said... made me sit down and make my own list, which was very revealing. Basically everything on the list ended with "...with Jack" (my hubby). Essentially, it appears I'm happiest sharing it all with him :)

what a cool dream! Actually for most of my life I do (did?) have brownish reddish hair (more brown than red). It's long enough now for pigtails..ha! but has a lot less brownish and farrrrr more SILVER. Think I can cash it in?? :)