Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Prodigal Returns...

...only not just yet! ;-)

I'll be back shortly.

I'm regrouping, testing new recipes, getting some household things organized, moving my outdoor plants back and forth and back and forth since the weather doesn't remember how to not FREEZE periodically.

I may or may not change the look of the blog....any suggestions? I'm a creature of may stay the same, dunno!

Plants must be planted, meals cooked, finances continually kept in the black, job jobbed, and hopefully some cream of an idea or two shall rise to the forefront in the midst.

I'm having a love/hate relationship with my computer. There is so much living going on, and sometimes I just don't want to stop and journal. In fact, it's a funny mental processes are moving further and further away from "necessary" conveniences, and I'm getting used to the screaming silences....which now are quite full stretches of thought and contemplation, or of just listening.

I'm finding I quite enjoy the listening and sometimes just don't want to SAY anything. I think our culture has a problem being still or un-entertained. I'm now infatuated with hearing all the things I missed when I was "too busy." I marvel more and more how being without a TV has de-programmed Jack and me in many ways we didn't realize. I'm wondering if I'm flirting with pulling the plug on other things as well.....and how we'd fare.

My guess is that we're congenial hermits.

If you see smoke signals coming from our neck of the woods....well, suburbs might mean we just deep-sixed our computer and cellphones.

Ah, to dream ........ ;-)

But in the meantime, I'll be back. Sometime.


Anonymous said...

A long, narrower banner perhaps? Your current one is nice but I think it gets scrolled past pretty quickly.

Irma said...

Change the look of the blog if it makes you happy, but as a daily reader, I like that is always the same....and I happen to really like your graphic!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so understand my friend. Sometimes writing about life can get in the way of actually living it. Good for you for taking the time, and enjoying the silences.

Annette said...

No worries chickee. =) We will be here. I too like to listen more than talk and struggle with letting people know that I am here and I care. Getting rid of the TV was one of our best moves. Next will be the cell phones and lastly my computer. I love blogging, research, and keeping touch with my fam too much to be computerless. Not saying it wont happen, just not now. =)

Robbyn said...

EJ, thanks for the suggestion :)

Irma, thanks! I'm not sure yet if I'll change it because I like it, too :) If I do, I'll save it in case I want to bring it back later. Dunno, I'm just getting that same urge I get when I want to move the furniture around, ha!

Enjoying the quiet, and then you can't shut me poor husband, lol

Thanks! Yes, I, too love my computer and am totally hooked on being able to Google anything I want to find...I do flirt with the idea of being totally unplugged, though..who knows??? maybe someday, hmmm (secret google addiction, maybe there's a support group?) ;-)