Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Changes, Self Cleaning Ovens that Can't, and What's Making Noise in My Kitchen??

It's time to move the furniture around again...

and let's see how I do or don't like the new web palette and graphics. The header's from a favorite pic of a peacock that I played with in the photo program a bit.

It's been a long week, and we're both tired and soooo glad to be together again tonight. I'm refreshing a few things in the house and getting some simple food together before we crash -- I want to have everything nice when Jack gets off work.

I've heard something lurking in the kitchen...or pantry...or...somewhere. It sounds bigger than a beetle. Maybe a mouse? If so, it's a first.

But I can deal with a mouse.

But if it's a snake, you can find me back in Tennessee, and making the commute from Florida to there in record time. We have a lot of choices of unwanted visitors here in Florida, and insects or mice I can deal with. But snakes...BELONG OUTSIDE.

Maybe it's a bunny? A possum? (I know, here we go, I'm in total denial) A raccoon? (nah, I know what they sound like, with that little "chirrrrrr" sound) A little lost kitten??

This means only one thing...spring cleaning must commence. But not till "It" has been found.

This means the stove must be unplugged, carted outside, plugged into an extension cord, and put on Self Clean till it's pristine on the inside. Why? (What do you mean, isn't this how EVERYone cleans their ovens?? haha!)

Well a certain SOMEone who helped (term loosely interpreted) when selecting the oven for this house, decided to buy a self-cleaning oven. Normally, that would be delightful, and handy. Normal meaning if you have a full wall, not a half wall. Or 3/4 wall or whatever it's called when you have a wall that doesn't go all the way to the ceiling because it's supposed to help make the area look open so it only goes up to about 2 feet from the ceiling, for decorative purposes. Therefore, if you put an OVEN on that wall, you cannot VENT it through the wall upwards through the ceiling (unless you want the pipe to show). So you get this vent thingy that circulates the oven air through the vent thingy that goes right over your stovetop, through a carbon filter. HOWEVER, do not test the limits of the carbon filter-thingy by trying to vent an entire self-cleaning oven cycle of fumes through it. It will not like it, and will protest by filling your house with roiling clouds of acrid smoke you will only brave long enough to turn the oven OFF and run like heck with a towel over your face to the great outdoors, kicking yourself all along that you forgot all about the fact it DOESNT VENT THROUGH THE ROOF like NORMAL ovens.

And you ponder the mysteries and ironies of life, such as the fact that it's commonly supposed that if you just went ahead and cleaned the inside of your self-cleaning oven the CONVENTIONAL way (by hand) it supposedly is bad for self-cleaning ovens and "ruins them."

And THAT is why you can choose to baffle and amaze your neighbors by running an extension cord to the driveway and getting a dolly and maneuvering your self-cleaning oven out for all to see, in full view, AND call the fire department to let them know not to worry if they happen to get any strange calls about somebody's oven sitting in front of a house smoking for about an hour.

Better yet, maybe I can charge admission...? :)

I dare not think of what lurks under that stove. I am now approaching the kitchen to find whatever lurks. No worries...I'm armed with a broom and one of Jack's steel-toed work boots. I hope it's a runaway kitten, lost puppy, a hamster making The Incredible Journey, or just my goldfish having learned how to throw gravel against his fish bowl.

Because if it's something slithery, or a palmetto bug that thinks it's a pony.....Tennessee, here I come!!


Annette said...

LOL I have a cat that will hunt down mice only to play with them - they often die of heart attacks and then the cat brings me the warm body 'cause it's broken and wont play anymore. eeewww. Good luck finding your critter.
I like the new graphics. =)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I love your bloggy's new look, but then again I liked your old one a lot, too. Both are very individual, and I think that fits you. :-)

Sorry to hear about the "critter." Hope it doesn't slither, but then again, I hate mice, too. Dirty, germy, pooping, peeing, chewing mice that can carry thank-you!

Have a wonderful Sabbath! I mentioned it on my blog, which I'm sure will baffle many who read it....

hickchick said...

I LOVE the new 'do. Very fun. Love your story about the oven, Ha I just don't clean mine! Kris

Irma said...

I know I am leaving this during your Sabbath, but I have to ask for when you check back: did you try the laundry soap? Hee hee...

Christine said...

ROTFL!!!! Hey at least your self cleaning cycle will actually clean. Mine makes the horrid smell and still leaves it dirty. So even carting it outside wouldn't help me. :(

Sure hope it's your goldfish...

The Country Experience said...

I like the new look. At first I wondered if I had clicked on the wrong link, because I was looking for the "old" page to pop up. The peacock is quite pretty, I can see why you like it.

Hopefully the intruder turned out to be very small and lone.

fullfreezer said...

Hope you have had a restful Sabbath. I also have a self cleaning oven with no vent. Grr. Fortunately it is under a window so I have only ever cleaned it when the weather was nice and I could put a fan in the window. I'm glad the neighbors didn't call the fire department about smoke coming out the window!
Normally I just don't clean it.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Okay, shoulda scrolled down for the masthead explanation. I'm with Michelle, I liked the old one, but like this one, too. And also agree that your blog is very unique. That's not easy to accomplish in an age when everybody and his dog has their own blog.

Your oven story is so effin' funny I can't stand it. Everybody makes mistakes when building or moving into a home, but that's the first oven in the driveway story I've heard. I'm going to giggle about that one for awhile! :o)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

"Isn't this how EVERYone cleans their ovens??" - Very funny! And, no. :-)
I'm dying to know what the noise was. And now we have to wait until Monday, right? Dangit - I can't stand the suspense.

Killi said...

This morning 1 of the babies brought a dead mouse into the house & dropped it on the floor. I'm not sure if he had caught & killed it, found it or taken it from 1 of the Spaniels. My Spaniels catch & kill mice & rats & the babies' mother comes from ratting stock.

Good luck with your funny noise