Thursday, February 19, 2009

OCA's NAIS Videos

These, from Organic Consumer Association...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, we've been living off the grid for the past 15 years
Living Off The Grid

We always enjoy talking with other off gridders, or those who want to be

Jean & Vic said...

N.A.I.S is a very scary subject to me, and I have told numerous others about it. Scary as it is, worse is the way some people see it as a needed system. I have met these types as well, and after a while tend to look at them in a different light, and it is not a favorable one. I live in a small community with perhaps 100 or maybe even 200 other people within a 10 mile radius of my home, and none of them to my knowledge support this.
Those I have met who do live in urban areas. It seems to be yet another dividing factor in how our society is stratifying more with each passing year, or perhaps it is just the differences between those who live close to the food they grow to eat, and those who have little choice but to buy what they consume from a store.
All that aside, thank you for posting those 2 videos, and trying to share with others what you see happeneing.

Robbyn said...

Les and Jane, thanks so much for commenting...there's an awful lot we can learn from you!

Jean and Vic, we don't see the NAIS as a necessary evil...we believe consumers need to shoulder more responsibility for their choices and stop making Big Daddy the default decision maker at the expense of our constitutional freedoms. We don't know how the divide between city dwellers and rural folks can be bridged except by awareness and shaking off some of that urban drive for ultimate convenience. There is a disconnect, and I suspect it's societal as well...and it's in many, many areas.