Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WWGD...What Would Grandma Do?

My Grandma could stretch a meal! It was seldom fancy, but it was simple, hearty, filling...

These are skills I need to remember and to learn.

For a rambly post as I remember some kitchen lessons learned from my Grandma's Great Depression, WW2, and other years of simple living, you can find that and my attempts to duplicate one of our favorite meals of hers at Women Not Dabbling in Normal today.

Hope you can make it there...have a great day, and let me know how you stretch your favorite meals!


Nola @ Alamo North said...

I'm headed over there now to see the recipe!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My grandmother was like that. Very good lessons. I'll check that out.

~Lisa said...

So interesting!

I add more lentils and another carrot to soups, stews etc. With salad's I'll add more tomatoes or cucumbers etc. It's amazing what a little extra does!

Robbyn said...

Nola :)

Lisa, I'm only now realizing some of the lessons they passed along :)

Frugaltrenches, it sure is...good idea with the lentils..I havent had that much experience cooking with them, but need to start!