Friday, September 26, 2008

Still Catching Up

Thank you, Christina at CoffeeCoffeeCoffee for this award...I'm so sorry for the long delay in posting it here!

The rules of this award state 1. Save the image 2. Select several friends who are great buddies, and 3. tell why you appreciate them...

As my buddies here know, I don't always play by the I have so many friends here who I appreciate so very, very much. I don't have blog space enough to tell enough about all the things I have come to love about each of them, but hopefully over time I'll be better about stopping and expressing that.

Right now, I'll stop to tell you a little about why I appreciate Christina, who sent me this.

I've gotten to know Christina as an online blog friend much in the same way I know many of my other online friends...because we "met" each other as our comments intersected, our blogs reflected many of the same concerns, we began to see and appreciate each others' personalities and perspectives as well as our differences, despite the miles.

Christina brings a refreshing enthusiasm to the homestead blogging community, and really digs her heels into concerns such as the genetically modified food issue, Monsanto-related issues, and many more. More than that, she cultivates her own home and homestead in ways that make a difference right at home. She's quick to stop in with a sunny hello or line of encouragement, and has a fun sense of humor. She cares about her family, and shows it in so many ways. She is delighted in creation, from sunflowers to chicks that grow up to lay eggs like crazy.

And Christina loves coffee! She has entrepreneured her own business selling what she, coffee, and more coffee...all organic and enticing! In addition, she sells scented candles, and her blog store is worth checking out. Christina is the friend you'd LOVE to have a cup of coffee with daily, and the next best thing is stopping in at her blog, where in addition to seeing a window into her life and concerns, you get to know a really amazing woman.

Thank you, Christina, for being a great friend. Thank you for what you're teaching me about so many things, for your shared enthusiasm and idealism, and about stopping to smell the coffee!

(sorry I'm posting this so late!)


Christina said...

It's never, ever too late to tell a friend they are appreciated. Thank you for that wonderful tribute. I am thankful for crossing paths and becoming friends... who knows... I do have Florida ties... maybe we can meet up in real life someday! You are a wonderful lady with a very full plate of late. I admire you in many ways! Many (((((((hugs)))))))) to you, my friend!

Robbyn said...

I'd love that, especially if we EVER get a place that has a GUEST ROOM <----one of my super pet peeves that we are here in FL and have NO ROOM for guests!!! Thank you for the kind words, my friend, and I hope we meet in the times to come :)