Sunday, September 28, 2008

Doing Not Thinking Challenge Update

Interestingly, this is my FIRST DNTC update since our world went a bit upside down quite a few weeks ago. Whew, what a ride!

The goals have languished, but they're not dead yet.

1. Ok, the saving our loose change from pockets and car consoles toward a loan (they have loans for very, very small amounts to help the poorest of the poor purchase life-altering goods to make or sell, and repay...even amounts of just five dollars can be contributed, but equate to huge differences for the lifestyles of the motivated entrepreneurs, most of which are family businesses or cooperatives.) I haven't even BEEN to work since making the pledge for this challenge, so that's affected the totals...

Total change collected to date: $ 17.00 (I'm not counting pennies till the last week)

2. Weight loss...I'm in the I have more to lose, rather than less. Went to the doctor and had gained three pounds, probably during those weeks seated on my behind at hospice. I have some carbs to cut back, gaahhhh.

3. Doing what we can toward finding a permanent homestead, no discouragement wallowing allowed: Yes, stayed very consistent with this in the past few weeks, despite everything else. I'm very motivated (and so is Jack) to continue with this ASAP, as we are feeling the economic pressure of increased store prices and the limitations of where we are living. We made more phone calls, follow-ups with contacts, developed and followed leads as far as possible. As always, there is a lot of waiting in between each step. Goes with the territory, I suppose.

To see what great things are happening with the Doing Not Thinking Challenge, here's the page at TwoFrogHome where you can follow each person's progress :)


Kathie said...

Wow, I think you're doing great considering the happenings in your life of late.

Christina said...

Go Girl Go. You just been jumpin some hurtles. They are everywhere ~you know. But I KNOW ~ you'll land on your feet!

Robbyn said...

Kathie, thanks :) I've learned not to stress about the things that get pushed back onto the back burner so much, of necessity. Sometimes I procrastinate those things too much...

Thanks! We've been doing so much jumping, I'm wondering if my legs are getting shorter? heehee