Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eatin' Weeds

Oh, yes, those weeds aren't pests...they're food! For a quick account of my first weedy foray into the ditch and back to the table, head over to the collaborative Women Not Dabbling In Normal site.

I'm not sure if it was a flop or a success, but I tried noshing on some cattails...with mixed results and a lot of resolve to keep experimenting with the bounty that's just underfoot!


Brenda Kula said...

You are certainly willing to be "experimental!" I'll give you that! Let us know what you come up with in terms of reviews!

Killi said...

Have you seen any of Jekka McVicar's books? I'm sure she did one on eating the hedgerow, certainly she was on the radio in UK before I moved talking about experimenting with eating plants. (She has a huge herb nursery near Bristol & runs courses from it.)

I remember something somewhere about a botanist arriving at a house for dinner & staring at his salad. On being asked if everything was OK, he looked up & said in a voice of amazement & unbelief ~ "There are 40 different plants on my plate!" I may have misremembered the quantity as it does seem unreal. I think the original to that is in 1 of my old Countryman magazines

Robbyn said...

Brenda, I'll definately keep you'll probably get sick of hearing about them :)

Killi, I'm not familar with her, but I'm just now discovering so many things that others have known about for so long...I'llhave to check her out. Thanks for the heads up! How wonderful :)