Monday, August 11, 2008

Doing Not Thinking Challenge

Better late than never!!

I'm a tardy latecomer, but I'm taking on Kathie's Doing Not Thinking challenge. For some background on what led to this challenge, you'll enjoy this earlier post she wrote. Not just thought-provoking, but action-inspiring!

Whether it's mental list-making, day-dreaming of all the things I know I want to do (which leapfrogs to so many other things I want to do, most of which I've dreamed but never just DONE), or getting sucked into the vortex of busy-ness it takes to maintain this crazy thing called My Life, I need to be more deliberate, more organized, and more focused on actually getting past those stopping-points and actually DOING some of those goals...and some of the neglected things like my housework (cough cough!)
Doing my housework more consistently needs to be a daily habit, so it's not going on the list. I want it to be done before the "extras" because it's important to my whole household. I've done quite a bit of digging out during my hiatus, but have more to go to get it deep-cleaned.
Same thing goes for my relationship with my husband and the time spent with him and with my daughter. In that area, I'm simpy shutting off the computer. Shutting. It. Off.
I'll be blogging less frequently, but deliberately making the most of the time with my family. Writing is important to me, and Jack really wants me to continue posting here, and I agree. But I don't want backwards priorities...I waited so long for him, and when he came into my life I knew I wanted to make each moment count, at least as much as possible (I fall really short quite often). I just don't have the time to do everything, so if you don't see me visiting around my favorite blogs (yours!!) please don't take it personally! There will be times when I'll be able to indulge, when I'm less crazed ;-)
Anyway, I do have room for a challenge! Here are the things I'm challenging myself to accomplish by the December deadline Kathie posted:

Short term goal…save my change from any monetary transaction and put it in a jar…at the deadline, any money I have will be used to do a micro-loan (cycling back and being reinvested in the same thing when paid back) for…to help individuals acquire animals or goods for handmade/homegrown/home-raised products to support themselves.

Longer goal…2 of them
1. Lose 10 lbs by the deadline
2. Keep doing what we can weekly toward finding our homestead…no matter what...the legwork, research, homework, phone-calling, being cheerful despite changes of direction. No wallowing in discouragement allowed! I want to compare the progress then to where we are now...

That's it for's not too late to join the challenge, if you find you'd enjoy pushing past the thinking stage and get right down to the doing part of one or two goals you've had on the burner. To see what some other folks are doing, or to jump in yourself, you can check out the post here.

Come December, it'll be fun comparing notes :)


Kathie said...

What incredibly awesome goals, babe! I'm so happy to have you along on this challenge.

Brenda Kula said...

Well, I've been trying to either lose the same 12 pounds, or keep it off, for years. I do good awhile, then not so good. I am compulsive, and am a try-to-keep-things neat by nature. So I don't worry about that stuff much. Take all the time you need. But I find that writing down my thoughts helps me so much more than just thinking them. Blogging enables me to do that. Works for some; might not for others. I'll still be here; have you on Google Reader.

Robbyn said...

Kathie, thanks!

Brenda, I've got a lot more than 10 to lose, but figure it's a good start :) You're exactly right about writing, and I'll be here (I"ve not signed off) ...I'll just be a bit longer between individual posts some weeks due to necessity. I'm feeling great about the headway I made with de-cluttering my house, and will tackle a new portion of it each week. I LOVE how my bedroom turned out! Yes, you do have a gift of writing and organizing and beautifying your home...I so enjoy seeing your creative touch!

Razor Family Farms said...

I'm with you. I need to lose about 10-12 pounds. Let's see how I do. Bring on the salad and bike riding with the husband!