Monday, August 27, 2007


Tests come, tests go. I've had my share of tests at the In Town Job, and happily they've all been passed so far.

I'm hoping at this very moment to pass a personal test of Basic Blog Construction by seeing if I can, with grace and ease, FINALLY learn to include smack in my blog text words that link elsewhere...which everyone else out there seems to be doing without any problems. You know.. the highlighted little places in the text that you click on and it boings you to blissful elsewheres of further reading.

And goes The Very First Sentence I've Typed With Most Basic Linkage Included. Can I make it work?

Sample Sentence:

Robbyn, preoccupied with thoughts of what sort of
goat might help clear the brush on a property she hopes to one day own if her
husband makes a successful real estate swap, remembered one of the books that
Started All of This
...the one nearly shouting to her from the bookstore
shelf all those years ago, demanding to be bought, read, and admired in a way
fatefully provoking an escalating tumult of ideas now fueling her urge to
leave it all behind and live in a snug lean-to in the woods.

Ah, now to publish and test this.

Be right back....

(Now I'm back)

Hmmm, well YAY, I finally got some text to link! Boo that it turned out underlined rather than highlighted...wonder if that is normal or just happened because I included it in a quote paragraph thingy?

And yes, I know this entire post is fraught with horridly-constructed run-on sentences. That trend may not subside till I've fully typed out all my pent-up blog withdrawal. Sort of like every time I try to read Charles Dickens and get more preoccupied seeing exactly how many pages I have to turn before actually finding punctuation such as a Period.

Or in typing sentences beginning with the words And, Sort Of, or Or, and containing no subject with which to make a predicate agree, simply because I want to.

And now to fix one problem and ignore the other. Off to try to figure out the link dilemma.

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