Monday, August 27, 2007


Life keeps happening. Despite the goals we have yet to realize, I have found that I'm very very happy right now because I see so many good things happening...and I am so grateful!

Here's what's been going on with my family in the past couple of months or so. I'm so happy for my daughter, who's featured in some of these pics. She's rounded the corner from childhood to young adulthood, and yes, the years DO fly by too quickly. Highlights from her life: was a packed house. Glad it didn't rain :)

Her graduation cruise, compliments of her dad. These are some of the souvenirs she tried to fit into her luggage for the flight back...heehee..

And then there's nursing school. She entered the adult program right after high school graduation. That called for new scrubs and some new textbooks perfect for later use as industrial strength doorstops.

After seven months of a series of interviews and testing, I entered training as a 911 calltaker.

My husband J changed jobs and is much happier where he is right now. I don't have a picture of either of us, but just know we're the nondescript couple looking pretty tired but quite happy.

Want to know some of the things I love about J?

He still holds my hand, he prays for me throughout the day, sketches house plans on paper napkins at odd moments of inspiration, tells me I'm beautiful, and shares the same side of the booth in restaurants....even when we're the only ones eating. He makes the word Together mean, for me, contentment.

And the land trade...
J is steadily sending out inquiry letters to people with vacant properties in the hopes one might be interested in trading us acreage for one or more of his residential properties, namely the waterfront ones. The good news is that just yesterday, we went to visit an interested investor and had a really enjoyable morning with his wife and him looking at his different parcels and seeing the area. The acreage that was offered to us is one we're unsure will serve our purposes best and has some advantages and some disadvantages. The investor is a shrewd haggler, and J won't go for broke. So we're still in the talking stages, and the negotiating ones. It's just encouraging that we've come to a point where some movement is happening in the possibilities :)

Ah, feels good to update. :)

More to come, hopefully, either tonight or tomorrow, my last day off before getting back on the wheel.


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