Monday, August 27, 2007

Computer Reunion

Wow, I'm actually sitting at my own computer doing something non-work-related. This past two or three months have been a blur.

I'm kind of proud that I've lasted in the job training up to this's certainly pushed me to some unfamiliar discomfort zones, and the outcome is still yet to be determined....but having lasted this long, I do look back, thank God profusely, and enjoy knowing that I've stuck it out.

I've been battling brochitis or some flu thingy for the past three weeks, trying the herbs and the over-the-counter remedies till frustration at last drove me to beg my doctor for antibiotics.

All else is good....R is still plugging along at her nursing schooling, and J is still on assignment at a job he's enjoying. There have, however, been some VERY interesting developments...

and now I shall break them down into a few smaller and more manageable blog entries instead of trying to fit them alllll here right now... otherwise I'll get halfway through, decide a cup of hot tea and a warm blanket are my more favored companions than my keyboard, and get lost in an impromtu nap, now that I have a couple days off.

Ah, see...and now the phone rings....ha!

Shall return...(with tea!)

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