Monday, February 26, 2007

The work part of getting out of debt

I now have a parttime job, 30 or so hours a week. I'm really grateful to God, because I did pray for this, and it allows some late afternoon flexibility.

After my first three days pressing drapes in a very hot back room in clouds of steam, and doing a lot of lifting, I'm "plumb tuckered out!" I came home today so exhausted, mainly from the heat of the workplace and of the drive (my car doesnt have AC and it's an hour commute each direction). I immediately showered and went to bed! LOL so much for that "late afternoon flexibility!" ;-) My muscles are getting a workout, though, which is terrific.

SO, I am trying to see this as one step closer to the goal of homesteading, which means these things:

1. More $$ to pay bills
2. Still have a little time for further interviews for better jobs
3. Still have some time once I get some garden projects kicked off (money permitting) for planting and weeding
4. I'm getting into better shape! Maybe all that sweatroom work is melting off some pounds?
5. I don't have to dress up to go to work. I LOVE dressing up for an occasion, but I HATE dressing up to go to work. I LOVE being able to throw in jeans and sneakers and hop in the car each's SO much better than wearing heels and hose!
6. I'm eating less. I have a big breakfast and then a late afternoon meal. So far I've been too tired to have anything to eat later than that except maybe a bite of yogurt or such.

OK...that's the report...and now back to bed for me! I can't wait to see the progress we make paying OFF the debt! J is working overtime for the same goal, and we do get a tax return this year. We're going to knock those bad boy bills OUT :)

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