Monday, February 26, 2007

Idea: Box Tops as Lettuce Flats

I'm looking for cheap, free, and biodegradable. I want to sow some flats of lettuce and things like arugula and cress. Not sure how those do here, and not sure the raccoons wont destroy them.

But I thought of box tops. Surely I can find plenty of those somewhere! They might be just perfect...and free! If they decompose, they can go with the other broken down boxes I use as a weed barrier in the mint patch (all the garden I have right now).

Just an idea, but I think it would be an easy one to test!

I'll keep ya posted...we'll see if it works. So far, no raised beds, and I'm shorter on time since starting this Get-Out-Of-Debt-Faster job.



farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Hey Robyn: Glad you found me since I hadn't stumbled on you yet!
Box tops sound like a good idea to me. Now you have me thinking of all those cereal boxes that come through my house. For quick things like lettuce---they just might work fine (doubled up though maybe??) I buy used cookie sheets at yard/estate sales for soil blocks and newspaper pots-- so I could set the boxes right on those. Good idea!
P.S---I'll be forty this year AND I would much rather be forty than say...20 again (except maybe for less wrinkles!)

Robbyn said...

Hi, Monica!

Ha! I agree I wouldn't want to be twenty again...unless I could have the brain of a 40 year old. (If someone succeeds at that, might they rule the world? or at least avoid ever getting into credit card debt and dating trouble? lol)

Great idea about recycling the used bakeware. This will be my very first time to start ANY seeds, EVER. I've looked at the great idea of the newspaper pot, and want to try that, too. I'm worried about my rascally raccoons coming in and destroying the little guys, if I can get anything to sprout, which is why I thought I might try lettuces first, and tomatoes. The cereal boxes sound good, you've got me thinking of what else could suffice.

I love your blog...thanks for reading mine and for the suggestions :)