Monday, February 12, 2007

The humble beginnings

We moved here last fall. We're currently in a house, and own the lot next door. The real estate market here took a nosedive, and has not recovered yet, so we're having to stay put until it would be wiser to sell and relocate. We also have a daughter who is launching into the college scene nearby, and for some important reasons we need to remain in this location for the next couple of years at least.

Our plan after that point is to find acreage somewhere that is low-tax and where we can start a small family ranch or farm (not sure how those terms are defined yet). Since we are in Florida, we want to remain in a fairly warm-weather state when we relocate. I personally would like for us to purchase a property at that time with as many acres as we can get for the money...preferably ones that have never been used for commercial farming (due to the poisons), and ideally including both woods and pasture. Florida is very expensive these days, and we will likely have to find another state in which to find affordable acreage.

In the meantime, and as we can manage while trying to rebuild our jobs and our lives (getting back on our feet after a time of reversal), we will learn and experiment, and take steps to get closer to our goal. We're convinced this IS the first part of homesteading! Making the necessary changes in mindset and lifestyle RIGHT NOW is crucial to the process. Our education can begin NOW. This blog will be a chronicle of our goofs and successes, and the fun we're having with each step! I'll try to separate blog entries roughly into topics. We've tried several things and are on our way in some areas. In the next few entries, I'll detail the baby steps we're taking right now, and of course ramble on about the dreams rattling around in our brains for the days ahead!

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