Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tomato Tease

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds' Blue Beauty Tomato.  Click to see catalogue!
I'm in love with amazing tomatoes.  The quirkier and more flavorful or complex the tomato, the more smitten I am.  With the advent of the black, white, striped, fluted, purple and every other non-supermarket type, I'm in tomato heaven.

We get really hot summers down here in Florida, with weird extremes.  Some years are monsoons, others are drought, and with others you can throw in freak freezes or a couple of hurricanes or two.

It seems the cherry type tomatoes do very well for us when we try them.  In fact, some have just refused to give up the ghost until simply mowed down come cooler weather...that's a survivor plant!  As our focus has been to move to the farm (first getting it set up) we've had to forgo the plantings we did here in the yard in other years.

But I have to have some tomatoes soon.  My body craves them.  And the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog is no help!  I'm addicted to their pictures and descriptions and the really broad variety of traditional and rare plants from all over the world, all GMO-free and open pollinated.  I mean truly addicted.  I keep the catalogue by my bedside to pore over, pen in hand, reading EVERY description and making notes or circling the ones on my wish list.  The tomatoes always figure prominently in my perusal.  And then there are the peppers, gorgeous!  And the squashes, funky, diverse, captivating!  And the melons...oh my.  And so on.  The pictures are glossy and I end up hungry for fat little cherry tomatoes and so much else to grow, grow, grow!

The picture shown above is shamelessly nicked from their catalogue (and promptly linked right back to it) to show you the eye candy that has danced in my dreams from the MOMENT I lay eyes on it.  Which was mere days ago when I received the latest 2014 catalogue.

So tonight I went online to order THE SEEDS......And They Were SOLD OUT.  Of the Blue Beauty tomato seeds, all of them.


head smack, head smack,  head smack


So I ordered the cherry tomato version, Blue Berries, FAST.

I just had to share the tomato burlesque...just had to share THE PICTURE with those with the same sickness so as not to feel bereft.  Blue Beauty, there's always next year...



Michelle said...

Oh, you trouble-maker, you! Now I want Blue Berries, only I have dismal luck starting seeds. Our house is too cold, with too little sunlight…. Cherry tomatoes (or small pears) are our best bet, too, because of our shorter season and cool nights.

Robbyn said...

ha! order then FAST, Michelle!! y'know, we've had some kinds of tomatoes do great, but ALWAYS the cherry or tiny pear type really deliver. If I don't have luck with the bigger, I think we'll just grow enough cherry tomatoes to can up anyway!