Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kitchenaid Mixer! and decal

And lo, there was in the kitchen of Robbyn, a newly-acquired-from-craigslist used Kitchenaid mixer!  And the people rejoiced!!!  (Robbyn sure did! )  And yea verily she kissed Jack for nigh unto forever for having bought it for her!

And it was white, and Robbyn googled "decals for Kitchenaid stand mixer," and she found many ideas.  And she found out they were removable, so she felt adventurous.  And she ordered one in "subway art, lime green."

And she applied it and managed not to mess it up.  And there was angelic singing, and many loaves of bread to be made.  And the people rejoiced again!!  (Mostly Jack, who likes to eat the experiments)  

And Robbyn bonded with her mixer and felt like the most spoiled cook (and wife) in the entire world, even though it is a real bargain (especially because it is!)   And she is not used to having THINGS she is this happy about, because she's all about simplicity and not really into "stuff."  But she is joyfully, unguilt-ily, so stinking happy about this!!

And now deciding to discontinue typing about herself in the third person...ha!

Oh dancey dancey dance!  I'm glad I did hand mixing all my life till now.  I learned bare hands and a wire whip or heavy spoon are how historically all mixing was done and are completely masterful to this day.  They worked fine for me.  I was not discontent.  I was just infatuated with Kitchenaid mixers through the years (my former MIL has one and used it all her life), and I also used to scout the new ads that advertise the ones that come in all sorts of beautiful colors...I'd even pick out my favorite dream colors.  The lady who was selling this one was only doing so because she had remodeled her kitchen with stainless steel appliances and said the white mixer stood out too much.  I sort of can't relate to that, but I'm glad it equated to an almost impossible bargain, complete with attachments and grinder, and pasta extruder. 

The decals were just fun.  I had wondered if they made stickers or such for stand mixers and laughed aloud when I saw all the things available in vinyl...have fun googling it sometime and you'll see what I mean.  Ordering the decal was just the cherry on top, fun!  And removable if needed down the road.  Anyway, that's the kid in me just wanting to play :)

I've long been curious about how a machine can knead and do big batches.  And now I'm finding out!  I have to get used to not kneading everything by's become a habit.  But it's fine with me to get to do other things while the mixer does all that..

Wow, I'm grateful!  And I hope this machine lasts long enough to be passed down to future generations.  It's definitely going to be shared in the sense that a lot of folks are going to be receiving tokens of my baking experiments....hooray for floured counters and hot ovens!!


Donna said...

Believe it or not, I sold my old Kitchen Aid mixer on Craigslist for $50. It took up too much counter space and I really only use a mixer about once a week, tops. I use my hand eggbeater for small jobs like beating eggs. Much easier cleanup and less cleanup.

Tewshooz said...

Love the decals. Off I go to buy some.

Mystic Mud said...

So happy for you! I have one that I got as a gift about 7 years ago and man-o-man do I love, love, love that thing!

Robbyn said...

Donna, I might have that happen some day, probably years from now, and if or when it does I'll make sure it goes to someone who appreciates it. I hope to use it at the farm for baked goods to sell at farmers markets or the meantime I'll hone some things down and tweak till I'm happy with the recipes and how they turn out :)

Tewshooz, oh I want to see what you find!

Michele, THANKS...some month if and when you ever have the time or inclination I'd love you to do a series on your go-to recipes your family loves...the tried and true ones that feed a crowd. Just seeing this mixer makes me want to cook! lol

Sandy said...

Oh Man!!!! That's a gorgeous mixer!!!! I'm so happy for you, and a tad jealous too :-)
No really, I'm happy. Keep the hand held for emergencies.

Having this mixer will make life so much easier when it comes to baking and making bread.


Robbyn said...

Sandy, don't be jealous, if you lived nearby I'd totally be shlepping it to your house for baking parties! I just thought it was cool how somebody out there has already thought of how to jazz it up with stickers (I'm such a kid)...but whatever works works! and yep, my hand mixer and I are too bonded for me to shelve it for good. That's all I've EVER had and it stood me in good stead :)

small farm girl said...

Ok, I have to admit I have had one for over a year and have never used it. It has most of the attachments and everything.(except the dough hook). Looks like I'm gonna have to try it now. :-)

Robbyn said...

Sherri...use it, girl!!! :-D