Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fence Has Begun!

Spring has sprung, fence has begun!!!
We only had a few hours at the land, but the very first fence corner was put in.  Hooray!!!!!!

It was overcast and slightly warm, with a light breeze blowing the whole time.  Jack did the heavy work and I was his gal Friday.  He can handle those 200lb plus posts a lot more easily than I can. 

It was my birthday and I can't think of a better way to have spent it!  (Well, except with the addition of instant weight loss and a winning lottery ticket?? haha) With my best friend, getting my first sunburn of the year, starting a new phase of turning dreams into realities (the fence!!!), and out in the fresh air with the different tree sounds (oh, how I've missed those and nearly forgotten them).  The palmettos swish in the wind, the pines whisper and the nearby lowlands a quarter mile or so along the opposite side of the road.....they make spooky sounds!  They sound like the sound effects in a tornado movie when the wind moans.  After we realized what it was, it was as if all the land to each side were humming a low hum.......cool!!! 

We have three more fence corners to go, some more supports on the longer sides, the gate posts, and then some fencing wire.  We're trying to decide which of this and that are the best choices for our budget.  This is all new to us, so any advice is welcome (jump right in, please!).  We hope to put in a 22' culvert and have an entrance that would allow for equipment to be brought in without too tight a squeeze.  We were looking at gates and are eyeballing the 16 foot one.  Each of these steps takes time and money, so it's a process. 

And it's a process that's now begun!  YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Thank you, God!!!!  Thank you to my best friend Jack!!!  I'm grateful!!!!!

What's happening in your new spring??


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I have no advice for fencing, but good luck with the remaining 3 corners ^_^

Robbyn said...

Thanks, Shreela!!!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday! It's so amazing to be outside with the one you love and mother nature.

Fencing is not my forte, that's my hubbies. He has the strength like your man. He has put up plenty of fence in his time.

Robbyn said...

Thank you, Sandy!

Wendy said...

Happy birthday, belatedly! Sounds like a perfect day. I'm so excited for you on your start to your new adventure ;).

Robbyn said...

Wendy, it was...thank you for sharing our excitement!

edifice rex said...

Yea!! on your fence corner!! that's great! I remember my excitement when we set the gate at the drive here!! Hopefully that will all be soon for ya'll.

Robbyn said...

Thanks, Annie!! We got the second one set this past Friday, and it's decidedly off-level. Hmmmm.... But it's also decidely IN. My bad knee was wreaking havoc with my Gal Friday helpfulness, and Jack was having to step lively to keep away from the occasional snake from the ditch. So I guess you could say progress continues to limp along, but we're thrilled with each step completed!!