Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Course Now The Lack of Photos Is Seriously Cramping My Style

...if I have a style :) I MISS posting photos, mainly because my camera is very intuitive and takes the pictures I wish I were a good enough photographer to capture.

But taking and downloading are two different things. Since my bleepity bleep computer problems have also affected the communication between my camera and whatever program on my computer USED to recognize it, I have wasted innumerable hours this evening/morning seeing if our newer laptop could be a worthy stand-in. Nope, nope, and nope, ARRGGGGHHH. Something on that one won't recognize something on the camera despite my downloading this and that, doing little stomps around the room, taking a break to clean the clogged-up kitchen sink (don't get me started about Y shaped pipe connector thingies that clog between the sink side and the disposal side and redefine the words "Gunk" and "Equilibrium" and some latent physics concept of water keeping to a particular level)

I also thawed some homemade rolls I had previously been saving for a special occasion. There is no longer a full pan. They reheated well and the question now remains as to where some of the rolls now the pan or on my hips, but that's another whole rabbit trail...

Anyway, I Want My Photos Back!!!

(insert not-very-pretty adult tantrum from dough-y blogger)

Walk it off Walk it off.

I seriously need to go to bed. I SHALL figure this one out. I'm too scared to attempt to personally and hands-on do responsible IT cleanup to my own computer for fear I will mistakenly realign a satellite or melt down only the programs on my computer I most love, thus its innards now are probably rotting. I found mention of a "multi card reader/writer" and maybe I can get a fifth grader to help me figure out how to bypass ZoomBrowser EX or Canon Whats-it and just slap those puppies right into a picture folder I can access.

I also need to summon some negotiation and technology-packaging mojo and put in a call to some phone conglomerates later today and see what can be consolidated as far as phone service and internet, since we're cutting even deeper and have broached the subject of (gasp) going Internet-less...which means only accessing it via trips to the library. Hmmm, hope we can find another workable option. Let's see what the friendly customer service rep in Bombay will help me concoct... ;-)

I need photos here to balance out the whinge and rant space.

But first, sleep.

After I make breakfast for my sweetie who worked all night.

(Grim look at sink, and lurking thoughts of cutting dish time by toting plastic bins to the shower...hmmm)

(To Jack, in case you read this...No, honey, I really didn't wash your breakfast dishes in the shower. Yet, ha)


Melodie said...

I am the same way when it comes to computer stuff! If it is not something I can just click on ...well, I am doomed! I have to get my son to come and fix it for me...!

small farm girl said...

Hmmmmm, I like the idea of doing dishes in the shower. lol!

Robbyn said...

Melodie, I simply need a computer savvy relative ;-)

smallfarmgirl, ha! hey whatever gets the job done