Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Yard Snacks: Gotu Kola!

Hooray for wild edibles! (Even though I can to date only identify less than a handful)  In addition to the pennywort/dollarweed that's growing in several places, yesterday I found a similar plant with a different shaped leaf and what appear to be inverted scallops along the edge (wish my camera would load pics to this computer!)   I came in and looked it up, and I'm THRILLED to find we have another type of pennywort...the asiatic kind, which is also known as Gotu Kola.   Gotu Kola is an herb I used to take as a supplement, and it's widely used for many benefits.  So YAY that it's literally growing outside my bedroom window!  Wooo!!

This has nothing at all to do with herbs, but I spent a bit of my down time at work last night indulging in thoughts of tipis.  Not that tipis and Florida man-eating bugs and reptiles go exactly hand-in-hand, but there's just something latent in me that wants to head to the upper 48 and end up somewhere I can drag things about with a horse and travois and sleep at night in a tipi.

Told ya, totally from left field.  I just rack it up to my Onset Offgrid-itis.  Good thing Jack's got the same affliction  (Well, minus the tipi, unless he could design a passive-solar one, ha) ;-)

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Mr. H. said...

Just think of how unencumbered with worldly possessions a person who lived in a tipi would be...I have always wanted to live in one too.:)

That pennywort looks very familiar, I will have to pay better attention the next time we are out and about in the woods.