Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Though I'm not at all crazy about the ol' Empty Nest situation, I'm glad my daughter is making her way as a young adult and going through all those "firsts." I love that we talk on the phone and get together often.

She's been right there as I've been trying different things to make significant health changes in the past few months (and past few years, even), and when faced with needing to address medical concerns that come up as a part of normal life, I'm really happy she's opting for prevention.

I'd passed along the name of a naturopath in her area, in the event she wanted to go that route, and I'm happy to say that she did make an appointment and go in. Wow, am I delighted at her report of how things went...how individually she was evaluated, the scope and depth of the medical history interview, the mindset of prevention and mentality of using whole foods and lifestyle to support solutions to medical concerns.

I've always wanted to go the naturopath route for my own healthcare needs, but never had the money to get started initially. I'm paying careful attention to how this goes for my girl, and I'm so proud she's caring enough to get on the right track at a young age. I only wish I'd had the wisdom to incorporate the things I know now back when she was a child...so many things I thought were fine as far as eating and lifestyle habits back then I'd do so differently today.

I'm smiling at the fun it is to have the common ground of discovery these days, though, with her. To have conversations like "hey, what do you think of candida cleanses?" or to go to the health food store and peruse some of the less familiar products together (and pick some to try), and to experiment with exactly what to pop into the next smoothie....SO cool when we both like to share and compare these things :) And I can always count on her straightforward delivery of opinion...ha!...as in "Ugh, now mom, THAT one (name new thing tried) was totally gross!"

This house is way too quiet without kids in it. I do get so lonely for little handprints on windows, story books that are worn out with rereads, filled laps and the mini-dramas and victories witnessed at close range...all the ordinary messes of daily life and being at the hub of growing childrens' orbits. But I have to say I'd never wish to halt my girl's onward progress into full adulthood. So glad she's pulling in good resources, like this naturopath, to ease her way. Being a mom seems to always be a series of transitions, separations, and connections...and always surprises. I wonder what the naturopath would prescribe for the lump in my throat and the tear in my eye when thinking about these things, and the fact I feel both happy and sad and immensely grateful all at the same time? Ack, these woman hormones...sure hope this isn't my biological clock going on the fritz :)

Oh dear, now I'm laughing remembering the line from Fried Green Tomatoes where Mrs. Threadgood is advising Evelyn Crouch "Honey, you need you some of them hormones"

LOVE Kathy Bates in that movie...remember this scene that follows?
Glad I wasn't in this mode yesterday with the rude guy (Franz) and the fender bender ....hey Franz...Towanda! ;-)


Wendy said...

Fried Green Tomatoes is probably one of my favorite movies! Totally awesome flick!

I'm glad your daughter found a naturopath. Good for her!

I finally talked my husband into seeking out a doctor/practice with a more holistic approach, and he couldn't be happier with the results. The rest of the family will be going to them for our care, as well, but they don't take insurance, and so we'll have to stagger our visits so that we know we can afford the payments. It's out-of-pocket for us, but I figure the care will be head-and-shoulders above what we're getting right now, and totally worth it ;).

Mr. H. said...

I like many of Kathy Bates movies but my favorite is "A Home Of Our Own." I love that movie. It's nice that you are able to share such things with your daughter.

Robbyn said...

Mr. H, I haven't heard of that one...shall have to find it :) I love seeing my daughter's exuberance of youth...and seldom think of myself outside of those terms till I realize I'm finding a lot of happiness right here at home when before I felt restless and wanted to ramble the world over. (and did) :)

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

That has to be one of the best movies ever!

I always here good things about Naturopaths!