Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indian Head Nickel

I found this in the loose coins I save in a jar...pretty neat! It dates from the early 20th century, no later than the thirties. I've found wheat pennies aplenty before, but never one of these.
Here's a pic of the other side. Easy to see why they're also called Buffalo nickels (though it's really a bison) When these were coined, the dates were on part of the raised surface and easily rubbed smooth, as have most of the smaller details of the bison and the head profile. I found a statistic somewhere that said that finding one of these still in active circulation is a probability of about one in 25,000.

Maybe I should now break my record of never having bought a lottery ticket and see what happens?? ha


My vehicle was rear-ended while stopped at a stoplight today. So there is a guy named Franz who refused to share his insurance info who I suppose really NEEDED to meet our local law enforcement gentlemen in order to convince him...so glad to have helped them with the introductions. (Grrrrr...) I'm sore. Kaleb probably is too (our fur companion), but we're still walking fine. Let's see how the world looks after the megamilligram ibuprofen wears off, ha :)

It shook me up a little. My usual Makin'-Green N Blue-Smoothies routine would have gone off without a hitch around dinnertime were it not for the fact that my nerves were still a tad jangled and at a crucial point of the final blend, I sort of...left the top off. And pushed Blend High. The blender is ever reliable, top or no top. Maybe this is how Picasso got his start. The aftereffects looked like the crime scene of a Barney-the-purple-dinosaur mob hit. Blueberry puree makes fascinating Rorschach designs on while floor tile, in case anyone was wondering. And T-shirts and maple cabinets and countertops and walls and toaster ovens.

I'm going to go put the coin back in a drawer. I don't think I need to get any more "lucky" today ;-)


Melodie said...

SO glad you and Kaleb are going to be all right! What a jerk that guy was! I just don't understand what is wrong with some people,if you mess up ,man up and take responsibility for goodness sakes!

Mr. H. said...

Oh no, it sounds like you have had a most challenging time of it. I hope that you are alright. Tomorrow will be better I promise.:)

I have always wanted to come across one of those Buffalo nickles...how neat is that