Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Must Insist On Labeling GMO Substances

I contend genetically-altered plants are not foods, but are altered substances. Their DNA has been hacked into and altered with unlike substances that CAN transfer to human tissue when consumed by humans. In the U.S. normal wide-spread testing of many of these, some would say, has been suppressed. For too long the FDA has turned a blind eye. That's why we (the people) can't sit around and hope that fatherly government regulators will "take care of" us, and instead we have to take action proactively ourselves to insure our own food safety.

I question the intentions of companies that alter and market GM substances without any form of labeling them so that consumers can have a choice in knowing what they're eating. (If you're new to this issue, this link might be a good place to begin reading.)

Case in point...soy...one of the highest altered crops. What is one of the most well-known products utilizing soy? (there are innumerable ones...it's in nearly everything processed...read a label and you'll see)

Answer: Baby formula

I'm no fan of baby formula, but I'm using this as an example. NO testing to see if this is safe for human consumption, yet it is THE most consumed food product for babies worldwide not breastfed.

Here's a good talk on this subject...think about it. By simply labeling a product, we have control over our own choices. Why would the U.S. even balk at doing so? Answer: $$$$$

Well, things, they must change... this video by the author of Seeds of Deception...

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.


Melodie said...

Excellent post! The soy formula drives me crazy! I have relatives who feed this to their child and I can not convince them through documentation,literature or begging to stop feeding this to their son! The Dr. says it is OK is all I get from them!Grrr...you can't help people who won't open their minds and listen and we definitely can't depend on government to protect the mindless masses...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Really stupid idea because every species can have its DNA modified by viruses. That isn't any different and potentially more harmful than the artificial change. Regulating one without regulating the other is just foolishness and we don't have the means to regulate viruses yet. it would fool thepublic into thinking the other couldn't and doesn't happen but it does.

small farm girl said...

I couldn't agree more.

Wendy said...


I posted about this just the other day. 98% of soy products sold in the US are GMO substances, and 80% of the corn products, especially corn syrup. We were already avoiding HFCS, and now I can add all processed corn products and all soy :).

Another great argument for eliminating processed foods and going local ;).

Robbyn said...

Melodie, I guess it would be one thing if there were adequate testing on the long-term results and all that, but the fact that in the case of heavily GMO products it's not, who is getting to choose? With so much infant formula being used, and it's nearly all got soy in it, you'd think there'd be a groundswell somewhere. Thanks for your comment :)

Anonymous, it's a free country and you have the right to your opinion. And as long as you don't publish your name, I have the right to assume you're likely aligned with some company along the lines of Monsanto or some such and watchdogging any public criticisms on the internet. But you can always give your name and prove me wrong :)

small farm girl...glad there are folks who're happy to challenge the present status quo...maybe things will be a-changing :)

Wendy, did you know they're now targeting alfalfa? Just think how hard it would be to trace what livestock eat back to the source of the hay, eek

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Thank you so much for this post. It has certainly opened our eyes to a devastating problem! I'll certainly be carefully watching labels more than I used to. Thanks again!

Wendy said...

Just think how hard it would be to trace what livestock eat back to the source of the hay, eek

It would be almost impossible! I know that the farm where I get my beef hays their own fields, but I don't know where they get the seed, or even if they reseed each year. They also feed the cows (dairy cows) a supplemental commercial feed. Who knows what's in it? I don't.

Anyway, it's all a very good argument for raising as much as one can ;).

Robbyn said...

Hi California Grammy! I didn't know for a long time, either, and when I did a basic Google search a few years back, it was a big wake up call...I really thought it was so presumptuous what has happened to our food supply when our government allowed living things to be patented (as if!) and since then the bio-tampering craze has been non-stop. I contend it is a basic right to NEVER patent a living thing. It's the reality of food control, and runaway weirdness. Oh, soapbox...don't get me started ;-)

Wendy, yes, isn't it sobering? Sure pays to have truth in labeling and full disclosure. I think somewhere I saw recently where New Hampshire is trying to pass a law that would hand small farmers BACK the rights to defend against intrusions by Monsanto-and-etc companies and crop contamination by GMOs...hope to see what happens to that proposed legislation :)